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Degrees Offered:

Dip.- Chemistry

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Education in chemistry embraces a variety of objectives. Knowledge is imparted to the students on laws of nature, structure of matter, chemical facts and reactions and about the ways this knowledge is obtained. The students must acquire insight in the coherence and the cause of the different aspects of the chemical and related behaviour. By repeated application of scientific reasoning (thinking) they become acquainted with the ways of thinking and methods of scientific research and they develop the necessary critical sense. They learn to apply the acquired knowledge in new contexts, i.e. they are trained to creative problem solving. A broad variety of experimental methods and techniques are provided, not only in lectures but also in practical work, that means in laboratories where students can reach sufficient experimental skills and a sense for accurate and precise work and develop an objective sense for judgement of obtained results. Besides they must become familiar with the socio-economic context of chemistry and should become able to communicate with the industrial and economical world, with the field of chemical activity, as well as with national and international authorities and governments.
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