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Advanced Studies in Veterinary Food Inspection



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Grad.-Advanced Studies in Veterinary Food Inspection

Format: Campus

Program Description:

In the last decade the veterinary supervision of food of animal origin has undergone an important development. Originally the supervision was focused on an antemortem inspection of the living animal and on the anatomical/pathological examination of the slaughtered carcasses. Because of the evolution in veterinary science, the industrialisation of animal production and the environmental pollution, the veterinary supervision of food has obtained a new dimension. The protection of food against health damaging effects implies the use of new strategies and examination methods. Microbiological, histological, physicochemical and immunochemical inspections before and after the slaughtering are indispensable for the detection of zoonotic agents, residues of pharmacological substances and environmental contaminants in meat of slaughter animals, poultry, fish, rabbits and game. Moreover, modern meat processing techniques do not always guarantee the safety of the product. That's why processing inspections, such as HACCP, as part of the foodchain surveillance are important topics.
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