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Advanced Studies in Sports Medicine



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Degrees Offered:

Grad.-Advanced Studies in Sports Medicine

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The course 'Sports Medicine' includes all medical aspects of sports. The programme therefore covers fundamental scientific subjects (physiology, biomechanics), medical subjects (sport medical testing and advice, treatment and revalidation of sport injuries, specific sports medical problems), and subjects with relevance for exercise performance (training methods, ergometrics, nutrition and pharmacology). The overall aim of the course is to enable the student to adequately function as a sport physician. Evaluation, advice and guidance of recreational as well as elite sport participants in function of health and performance are central issues. Moreover, the graduated student should be able to fulfil public tasks like medical supervision of sport events, doping control, etc.. Finally, the course aims to provide students with the ability to function and manage a multidisciplinary sport medical centre. Since the latter aim is not applicable for sport physicians who work on an individual basis (the majority of the physicians), it is possible to follow a limited programme with an adapted degree (course subjects 01 to 10). This degree is sufficient to adequately function as an individual sport physician and to fulfil sport medical tasks of which the right -by appointment with the authorities- is reserved for physicians with a 'sport medical degree'.
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