University of Queensland, The

Faculty of Arts

Engineering Technology


The University of Queensland

St Lucia

Toowoomba, Queensland 4350


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The fully articulated program is intended to allow students to enhance and extend their knowledge of aparticular engineering discipline area. Major areas of study are agricultural engineering, computer systemsengineering, electrical and electronic engineering, environmental engineering, instrumentation and controlengineering, mechatronic engineering, and municipal engineering. The Graduate Certificate course isappropriate for those students who wish to extend their knowledge of specific areas of engineering,whereas the Graduate Diploma course allows the student to develop competencies across a broaddiscipline area. The Graduate Diploma course also includes provision for students to evaluate informationcritically, and to select and apply an appropriate research design, methodology and analysis to a particularresearch problem. The Masters degree course builds on the Graduate Diploma and allows the student toundertake a project and prepare a dissertation.
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