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Master of Workplace Injury Management and Occupational Rehabilitation



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Master of Workplace Injury Management and Occupational Rehabilitation

Format: Online

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The Master of Workplace Injury Management and Occupational Rehabilitation by coursework program will provide students with the opportunity to undertake study in injury management, occupational rehabilitation and related topics. This postgraduate program is designed to develop advanced knowledge, critical understanding and problem solving approaches to the complex range of issues and processes associated with practice in Workplace Injury Management and Occupational Rehabilitation. Students will, in many cases, be working in a variety of roles within this area, for example case managers, project officers, rehabilitation consultants and coordinators, injury management consultants and injury claims consultants.

Our degree programs are renowned for their student-centred approach and emphasise the development of the skills and knowledge necessary for careers in a rapidly changing environment. Many of our professional qualifications are recognised around the world. As one of Australia's top 10 research universities, we are recognised as a leader in medical and health research and education, supported by our multidisciplinary and collaborative approach.

Graduates of the program would be able to seek employment as Case managers in rehabilitation provider practices and insurance companies; injury management/rehabilitation advisers with insurance companies and large companies; injury management personnel; health promotion personnel; project officers with statutory authorities and within government departments; industry advisers or injury claims consultants with insurance companies.

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