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Master of Special Education

Format: Online

Program Description:

The Master of Special Education is intended for practising teachers and others with relevant experience who wish to gain postgraduate professional qualifications in special education. The approach used in the program blends theory and practice, with an emphasis on applying research findings to best teaching practices. The program includes coursework and a practicum.

This is a fee paying program. Australian students may be able to participate in the Higher Education Loans Program (FEE-HELP)

Why study with us?
Staff who deliver the Master of Special Education have respected national and international research profiles which assists in the integration of research into practice through the courses offered in the program. In addition, as measured by the University's Student Feedback on Courses, students consistently provide high ratings for courses in the Master of Special Education.

Career Opportunities
Graduates who are qualified teachers may be employed as Special Education teachers with the NSW Department of Education and Training, other Australian state and territory public school providers, Catholic Education, and Australian independent school providers.

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