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Master of Social Science


Callaghan, New South


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Master of Social Science, Graduate Certificate in Social Science

Format: Online

Program Description:

The Master of Social Science program by coursework provides graduates with a flexible way of broadening and deepening their knowledge of the social sciences and related areas. The topics available cover a range of special interest areas, enabling students to select courses according to their particular interests or to pursue a broad program of study in social science courses.

Suggested special interest areas include:
• Aboriginal Studies
• Creative Writing
• Human Service Management
• Philosophy

Students are not confined to courses within these suggested specialisations but may choose from the broad range of courses on offer within the program.

The degree introduces critical analysis and skills associated with the critical questioning and synthesis of knowledge. Students will also develop skills in planning, implementing and managing social research, social policy and social programs. The program is available in specialisations or a student may undertake a more generic program.

Career opportunities are available in government and non-government areas in keeping with the specialisations undertaken in the program.

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