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Aviation Management


Callaghan, New South


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Master of Aviation Management, Graduate Certificate in Aviation Management

Format: Online

Program Description:

The Master of Aviation Management provides flexible delivery for distance learning in the areas of aviation human factors and management. It has been developed in response to a recognised need in the aviation industry. The program combines topics from aviation human factors and management and can be adapted to accommodate specific areas of interest of students from diverse backgrounds. Applications are encouraged from all areas of the industry, especially flight crew, cabin crew, maintenance crew, ground crew, administration, military and government authorities.

The Master of Aviation Management is a unique program that combines courses in the Master of Business Management (MBA) and specific aviation management. This degree will give you a distinctive insight into the contemporary issues in aviation by combining management skills with the situations and demands of the aviation management industry. This applied program will provide you with industry-relevant skills and knowledge that can open up further management career options within the aeronautical industry.

The understanding and insight you gain in this program will benefit you as it has done many others, including commercial and military pilots, air traffic controllers and maintenance engineers. As well as assisting you to pursue your chosen career route, you'll find this qualification eases the transition between specialties, for example in moving from the military to government or consultation activities, or moving between commercial aviation organisations.

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