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University of Newcastle Callaghan , New South  
  • This program is only available to students who have already commenced the program. The Master of Environmental and Business Management program provides professional development in the areas of environmental and business management. With the growth in... more >

  • The MPH is an 80 credit point postgraduate Master of Public Health. The program includes 4 core courses and 4 elective which can be selected from a ra... more >

  • The program is designed to provide students who wish to pursue a career with government agencies, NGOs and private firms, with the knowledge and skills to understand the processes of social change and development and to improve their effectiveness as... more >

  • There is a rapidly growing worldwide investment in digital content for an expanding variety of delivery platforms, ranging from interactive and high definition TV to personal mobile devices including phones and game consoles. Consequently, there is a... more >

  • Statistics is one of the essential requirements for high quality medical research, and is vital to public health research. This program is designed to provide in depth knowledge in the application of statistical methods to the analysis of health rela... more >

  • The Master of Music Technology is a coursework program designed to provide students with relevant theoretical and practical knowledge of the latest advances in Music Technology while allowing scope for specialisation and the development of profession... more >

  • This program is designed to give students the ability to better evaluate existing and potential market opportunities and to develop strategies that achieve organisational outcomes appropriate for the Australian and international business environment. more >

  • The Master of Applied Linguistics program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to understand the processes of language learning and development, to develop theoretically motivated language teaching curricula, and to improve t... more >

  • The Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) program requires the successful completion of 120 units of study. more >

  • The Master of Aviation Management provides flexible delivery for distance learning in the areas of aviation human factors and management. It has been developed in response to a recognised need in the aviation industry. The program combines topics fro... more >

  • The Master of Applied Management (Health) is designed for public health managers, administrators, clinicians and medical practitioners with a need to acquire essential management skills while expanding and upgrading their clinical and specialist comp... more >

  • The Master of Mental Health Nursing is intended for Registered Nurses wishing to undertake a specialist qualification in Mental Health Nursing. more >

  • The Master of Special Education is intended for practising teachers and others with relevant experience who wish to gain postgraduate professional qualifications in special education. more >

  • This program is available in two specialisations: • Drug and Alcohol Studies specialisation • Stroke Management specialisation The Drug and Alcohol specialisation aims to produce graduates with a broad know... more >

  • The Master of Workplace Injury Management and Occupational Rehabilitation by coursework program will provide students with the opportunity to undertak... more >

  • The Master of Occupational Health & Safety prepares graduates for work in the preparation and implementation of occupational health and safety programs at the workplace. In many cases, students will be in positions of managerial or professional r... more >

  • Students undertaking postgraduate coursework in Information Technology have access to a flexible and integrated program comprising Graduate Certificat... more >

  • The program aims to produce graduates with the capability to constructively engage with the complex environmental concerns that confront contemporary societies. It emphasises the integration of theory and practice and provides an interdisciplinary gr... more >

  • The Business Administration and Business programs are designed to provide students with a range of analytic, strategic and leadership skills which will prepare them for increasingly competitive careers in business management in the corporate and publ... more >

  • The Master of Nursing (Advanced Practice) program is intended for registered nurses who wish to prepare themselves for leadership in nursing practice... more >

  • The Master of Social Science program by coursework provides graduates with a flexible way of broadening and deepening their knowledge of the social sciences and related areas. The topics available cover a range of special interest areas, enabling stu... more >

  • The Master of Science Management is an important new program, unique in Australia, that provides an understanding of critical science issues that are shaping our future, and how to respond to these within a professional environment. The program offer... more >

  • This program provides graduates with a strong research capacity, an advanced understanding of epidemiological concepts, and knowledge of the application of methods in biostatistics, and economics in a variety of health settings. The program has a str... more >

  • The Master of Applied Management (Nursing) is intended for graduate nurses who wish to further their knowledge and advance their skills in management. more >

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