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Monash University Caulfield , Victoria  
  • Contemporary French and German critical theory; psychoanalytic theory; genre theory; comparative European, Asian and Latin American literatures; and p... more >

  • Slavic (especially Russian, Ukrainian and Polish) literary and cultural studies; comparative literature and literary and cultural theory; Slavic linqu... more >

  • Materials Engineering - Properties of engineering plastics, composites, rubbers and adhesives; polymer alloys and blends; ageing of polymers; phase tr... more >

  • The Faculty's main areas of research strength are commercial law; criminal law and administration; environmental law; equity and property; comparative... more >

  • Japanese society; the Japanese economy; Japan's industrial policy; history of Japanese science; industrial relations and work organisation in Japan; c... more >

  • Sociology of religion; literature and theology; hermeneutics; popular Christianity; history of Buddhism; religious history of Europe: renaissance and... more >

  • Ancient Egypt; Minoan Crete and Mycenaean Greece; trade in the bronze age Mediterranean world: Greek tragedy and language; republican and imperial Rom... more >

  • General chemical engineering, particularly chemical reactor engineering; coal conversion processes; transport phenomena; particulate systems; pulp and... more >

  • The Faculty's main areas of research strength are commercial law; criminal law and administration; environmental law; equity and property; comparative... more >

  • Engineering dynamics; hydraulic and pneumatic systems for powered control and logic; kinematics and mechanisms; robotics; manufacturing management and... more >

  • Medicinal Chemistry - Computer assisted drug design; drug synthesis and characterisation; conformational and molecular interaction; protein chemistry;... more >

  • Geodynamics, tectonics and structural geology; basin analysis; regional and exploration geophysics; image analysis; analytical geochemistry and petrol... more >

  • Ph.D... more >

  • Australian, colonial, modernist and post-modernist areas, including architecture, photography and film; German, Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese natio... more >

  • Moral theory; applied ethics; political philosophy; moral psychology; philosophy of law; epistemology and metaphysics; philosophy of science; philosop... more >

  • Theoretical econometrics; applied econometrics; time series methods; business statistics; mathematical economics; and management science. more >

  • The evaluation of the literary and social significance of genres, modes and individual authors within the traditions of English, Australian, American... more >

  • American music; Asian music; Australian Aboriginal music; Australian music heritage studies; contemporary western; early chidren's music; European aes... more >

  • Indonesian performing arts, women's studies and literature; Javanese classical literature; Sundanese linguistics; Indonesian language development; Chi... more >

  • Australian society; critical social-policy analysis; applied social research; gender studies; religion; migration and urban affairs; comparative socio... more >

  • (French, Italian, Spanish) - Modern literature and culture; literary and cultural theory; narratology; European studies; applied linguistics and langu... more >

  • Molecular genetics of plant and animal developmentplant-microbial interactions; insect molecular genetics... more >

  • The Master of Multimedia positions you to own this future. It's for those who realise that by understanding the technology, they have the power to tra... more >

  • Accounting; banking; business ethics; electronic commerce; economics; law; management; marketing; and tourism... more >