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  • Anthropology and Sociology

    Australian society; critical social-policy analysis; applied social research; gender studies; religion; migration and urban affairs; comparative socio... more >

  • Education

  • Asian Studies

    Asia-focussed subjects in disciplines including business and economics, education, English, history, music, politics, philosophy, sociology, visual ar... more >

  • Computing and Information Technology

  • Geography and Environmental Science

    Contemporary and historical studies of environmental processes and issues relating to Australia and South-East Asia; processes in geomorphology; clima... more >

  • Women's Studies

    Anti-essentialist marxism; post-modern feminism; action research methods; modern feminist poetics; social constitution of sexed bodies, rethinking the... more >

  • Business Management

    Health program evaluation; industrial relations; human resource management; public sector management; organisational behaviour; operations management;... more >

  • Chemistry

    Chemistry - Chemical synthesis; bioactive molecules; structure and catalysis; computer chemistry; high resolution spectroscopy and instrumentation; ma... more >

  • Civil Engineering

    Structural engineering; water resources/environmental engineering; geomechanics; offshore engineering; transport and traffic engineering; timber engin... more >

  • Drama and Theatre Studies

    Analysis of performance processes and theories; intersections of theory and practice in performance; textual studies of plays and playwrights, and the... more >

  • European Studies

    Contemporary Europe; East and Central Europe; European economic history; contemporary European culture and society; Australia-Europe relationship; Eur... more >

  • Politics

    Australian politics, governance and public policy; politics of Southeast Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, the United States, Russia and Europe; inter... more >

  • History

    Regional strengths: Australian history; Southeast Asian history and European history. Thematic strengths: cross cultural history; urban history; women... more >

  • Mathematics

    Dynamical meteorology, and oceanography; geophysical fluid dynamics; astrophysics; general relativity; nonlinear dynamics; group theory; analysis; pop... more >

  • Development Studies

    Sociology and politics of development; health, education and legal issues in the Third World; non-government organisations; environment and developmen... more >

  • German

    German culture and intellectual life, particularly since the eighteenth century; general and comparative literature, including literary theory and aes... more >

  • Social Work

    Casework; child abuse; child protection; community health; community services; corrections; ethnic welfare; Famiy and Children's Courts; family interv... more >

  • Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

    Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering - Circuit theory and signal processing; electromagnetic field theory; antennae and wave propagation; micro... more >

  • Multimedia Design

    This specialist coursework masters degree recognises the particular practical skills and mindset that are required to work as a multimedia designer. more >

  • Business and Electronic Commerce

    Accounting; banking; business ethics; electronic commerce; economics; law; management; marketing; and tourism... more >

  • Multimedia

    The Master of Multimedia positions you to own this future. It's for those who realise that by understanding the technology, they have the power to tra... more >

  • Economics

    Micoreconomic theory and application; macroeconomic theory and application; economic history, including Australian and Asian; computable general equil... more >

  • Applied Linguistics

    Australian Aboriginal languages; Australian English; bilingualism and multilingualism; Child language acquisition; cognitive linguistics; comparative... more >

  • Software Engineering

  • Asian Languages and Studies

    Indonesian performing arts, women's studies and literature; Javanese classical literature; Sundanese linguistics; Indonesian language development; Chi... more >