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M.S. - Forensic Mental Health

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Program Description:

This program was designed in collaboration with the Queensland Health Department's School of Mental Health to provide postgraduate professional training for current or future forensic mental health practitioners (for example, nurses, psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists). This program also provide a postgraduate extension to undergraduate programs in Nursing, Applied Science, Criminology and Criminal Justice and also Applied Psychology. The programs are aimed at producing graduates who are qualified and professionally recognised forensic mental health specialists and who are able to practise the profession at an advanced level. The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University is recognised as Australia’s leading criminology school and ranks as being in the top ten in the world. First established in 1991, the School has grown to include over 25 academic staff, making it the largest criminology school in the country. Our Faculty are outstanding teachers and scholars. Their service to students, the practitioner community and scholarship has been recognised both locally and internationally, with many of our staff being considered international leaders in their field. The staff1 profile has a balanced mix of senior scholars, those in the middle ranks, and early career scholars, along with 50 PhD students. At Griffith, criminology is a multidisciplinary field of study, drawing upon psychology, sociology, law, social work, criminology and criminal justice, history, and political science. We are distinctive because of our focus and commitment to address problems of concern to the community. Our research is strongly policy relevant as we work closely with a range of government and community partners to improve knowledge and practice, and with other national and international leaders in our field. Our areas of research strength include: crime prevention; developmental pathways; policing and security; violence and violence prevention; sexual offending and its prevention; restorative justice; environmental (situational) criminology; justice modelling; forensic mental health; and corrections. Our criminology degrees at Griffith University are dynamic programs that blend the best of practice and research. You can see and feel this in our courses, by interacting with our faculty, and in our work with the criminal justice community. Our industry partners include agencies in policing, education, communities, health, justice, security, youth and Indigenous affairs and corrections. As a result, we can offer our high achieving students the opportunity to undertake work placements as part of their degree. There is no better place to learn about the causes of crime and the response to crime than at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University.
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