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Degrees Offered:

Master of Speech Pathology (Graduate Entry)

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The ability to communicate is a fundamental human capability that most of us take for granted, however, a significant number of people, from infants to the elderly, face communication difficulties or difficulties feeding. These difficulties may arise from a range of causes including neurological damage, hearing impairment, physical dysfunction, psychological disturbance or intellectual impairment, or from disturbances in the course of normal development which have no identified cause. As a speech pathologist (or human communication science practitioner) you will work with, and advocate for, individuals with communication and swallowing difficulties in order to reduce the impact of these difficulties on their lives. This graduate entry master course will develop your understanding of normal communication development, developmental and acquired communication and swallowing disorders, speech pathology, clinical practice, clinical measurement and research. Your studies will be supported by extensive clinical practice. You will be provided with the skills and knowledge to practise as a speech pathologist, which involves diagnosing, treating and providing management services to people of all ages with communication disorders, including speech, language, voice, fluency and literacy difficulties, or people who have physical problems with eating or swallowing. The course focuses primarily on four areas: Behavioural science: understanding human behaviour, including the complex processes involved in speaking, thinking, reasoning and interacting with others. Cognitive neuroscience: studying anatomy, physiology and cognitive processes involved in normal and disordered communication and swallowing. Rehabilitation science: understanding rehabilitation techniques and principles involved in the treatment of communication and swallowing disorders. Speech science: exploring areas such as speech signals, acoustic and physiological measurement, physiological and cognitive processes in speech perception and production, and computer-based speech recognition and synthesis.


Graduates are eligible for membership of Speech Pathology Australia.

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