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Master of Physiotherapy (Graduate Entry)

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Physiotherapy plays an integral role in the prevention of injury and disability, and in a clinical response to people after injury or disability has occurred. From international-level sports organisations, to hospitals and nursing homes, to the local community practice, physiotherapists provide advice and treatment to restore physical function and well-being. Our graduate-entry master course in physiotherapy is designed to allow talented individuals with a degree in another discipline to gain the knowledge and skills required of an entry level physiotherapist at a much faster rate than the four year bachelor level course allows. In this graduate entry master course a series of coursework units will provide you with foundation knowledge in a range of specialist and practical areas. You will complete case studies and clinical practice which will help you integrate your knowledge into well-informed clinical decision making. Your studies will emphasise evidence based practice and encourage you to think critically when making decisions.


The Physiotherapists Act 2005 requires that all practising physiotherapists must be registered with the Physiotherapist Registration Board of Western Australia. This course is accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Council. Graduates are eligible for registration in any state or territory of Australia. Registration in New Zealand is available under the terms of the Trans-Tasman agreement. Graduates applying for licensure in the United States of America, United Kingdom or Canada will be required to provide details of their program of studies to the relevant bodies and sit a licensing examination.

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