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With the growing appeal of working towards a graduate degree and gaining international experience, students have many options to find graduate schools abroad. Recent studies by the Institute of International Education show that “77% of international institutions are promoting opportunities and scholarships for U.S. students”, which may be available for qualified students . In some cases, this trend is filtering through to a simplified application process, guidance for navigating financial aid, and streamlining of course and credit transfer databases . If you are excited to combine a global perspective, exposure to a foreign language and or culture, with a graduate degree, browse international graduate programs by country on our program directory.

What Makes International Graduate Programs So Appealing?

  • Wide variety of academic fields of study available
  • Range of universities in other countries
  • Cross-cultural experience and possibility to learn a new language
  • You might research topics endemic to a specific country
  • Potential boost to resume and expanded perspective

“Study abroad enables today’s students—future leaders from all backgrounds in all sectors—to gain access to international experiences that will better prepare them for the world they will enter after graduation. Learning how to interact with people from other countries and cultures is essential for all careers, whether in business, manufacturing, engineering, government, academia or not-for-profit.”

Institute of International Education

Did You Know?

While 45% of all U.S. students abroad study in perennially popular destinations in Western Europe (#1 United Kingdom, #2 Italy, #3 Spain, and #4 France), there were major increases in the number of students going to other host countries, including a 35% increase in students going to China

Graduate Schools Abroad: An Alternative Worth Considering?

Looking for graduate schools abroad may be an alternative worth considering whether you are interested in earning a Master’s degree or your Ph.D., and many Americans are actually choosing to pursue full degrees abroad. In fact, recent reports show that “of the more than 46,500 U.S. students who pursue full degrees abroad, about 84% are enrolled in Bachelor’s or master’s degrees and 16% are pursuing doctoral degrees. iii

Grad School Abroad: Explore Different Fields of Study

According to the Institute of International Education, the top fields for degree study by U.S. students abroad are the humanities, social sciences, and physical sciencesv , however that should not stop you from exploring other options. In effect, you can get started searching for graduate schools by country in the following categories, using our subject selection navigation. Enroll in grad school abroad to pursue a degree in:

  • Business
  • Criminal Justice & Legal
  • Education
  • Fine Arts & Design
  • Health and Medicine
  • Liberal Arts & Humanities
  • Math, Science and Engineering
  • Public Affairs & Social Sciences
  • Religious Studies • Technology

Range of Universities in Other Countries

Whether you prefer to cross the border into Canada or cross the Ocean into India, there are a broad range of graduate schools for Americans to consider. Although the 20 most popular destinations for study abroad are listed by Open Doors 2006 as United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Australia, Mexico, Germany, China, Ireland, Costa Rica, Japan, Austria, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Greece, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, and India this does not exhaust your possibilities. You do, of course, want to do some homework and research the quality of their graduate degree program as you would if you were searching at home.

FACT: U.S. students abroad top 200,000, increase by 8%; Growing interest in study abroad to China, India, South America

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