Why Pursuing More Education may be a Good Idea

By Laura Morrison, for GradSchools.com, April 2014


It's no secret that the more education you have, the better off you may be in life. Everything from the lessons you learned in kindergarten to the skills you acquired in college could make solving everyday challenges a lot easier.

For these reasons and more, you may be thinking about applying to graduate school so you can earn a master's degree. If you need a few more reasons why advancing your knowledge beyond the undergraduate level may be a good idea, you need only consider the following:

More education may mean more pay

Education pays, at least according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Median weekly earnings from 2012 put the power of graduate degrees in perspective. For example, workers who held a high school diploma alone made $652 in median weekly earnings. With a bachelor's degree, this pay increased to $1,066 on a weekly basis.

Median weekly earnings only climb higher at the graduate level, as pay for master's degree holders was $1,300 and $1,735 for those with a professional degree. At the doctoral level, median weekly earnings were at $1,624.

Of course, these figures just give you a rough sense of what you could earn with higher levels of education. However, it's clear that earning advanced credentials may open the door to higher salaries.

Employers want educated workers

Recent years have not been kind to the economy and, as a result, the job market has been unpredictable at best. Employers want to make sure they're hiring the right talent, which for some may mean selecting individuals with more education.

About the Author: Laura Morrison is the Web Content Manager for GradSchools.com. She earned an MBA from the Rutgers School of Business in 2010.

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