Three Great Cities Where You Can Earn A Graduate Degree

By Kerry Auge, April 2014

Considering almost every major city has a university offering graduate programs, there are a lot of great cities you can choose from to pursue your graduate education. If you are planning on a move for grad school, you should definitely give your city of choice some considerable thought. Unlike your undergraduate degree, you are much more likely to meet a future partner, or pursue a career and settle down in the city where you attend grad school. At the least, all of your social and professional networks will be developed around the city you choose, so make sure it is a place you would want to be for the next decade. Here are a few that may not be on the top of your list but maybe should be.

Boulder, Colorado – The University of Colorado at Boulder

great places to go to graduate school
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The University of Colorado at Boulder has a law school, a business school, and several other graduate programs. Boulder is a city with a lot of money as well as many smart people. It is a hub of environmentally friendly and scientifically centric folks. The University of Colorado, federal research laboratories and a robust business community drive the economy of Boulder. The city is known for its strong entrepreneurial spirit as well as individuals looking for a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Austin, Texas – The University of Texas at Austin

great places to go to graduate school
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The University of Texas at Austin has a law school, a business school, an architecture program and several other graduate programs. Austin is a small business mecca and offers its entrepreneurs significant community programs to assist them. It has a wide range of business associations, venture-capital firms and networking events that all support the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, Austin has been called a classless society where hipsters mix fluidly with capitalists. Economy, jobs, culture and nature all come together to make Austin one of the hot new best places to live.

Seattle, Washington - The University of Washington

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With over 300 graduate degree programs offered at the University of Washington in Seattle, you may be hard-pressed not to find the program of your choosing. And while Seattle takes a hit for being one of the rainiest cities, it’s also the home of many innovative companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing. With 219 bars, four pro sports teams and all the Starbucks you could want, Seattle shouldn’t be overlooked on your list of grad school cities.

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About the Author: Kerry Auge is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in business.

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