Scholarships and Fellowships for Graduate Students: Award Summary, Requirements, and Helpful Links

Stephanie Small - August 2013

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Fellowships are an excellent way to fund your graduate degree or even your studies beyond completion of your master’s degree or Ph.D. But how do you find the fellowship that is right for you? For that matter, how do you find out about available fellowships period? A good place to start is to do some research online, but you should also speak with faculty and advisors at your current program as well as those in your program of interest. There are a great deal of fellowships and scholarships available – the key is finding the one that is right for you!

Fellowships are offered through private companies, public foundations, educational institutions and non-profits. Earning a fellowship or scholarship can be competitive, and the application requirements are often extensive, but the effort may be worth the rewards. In many cases people may be paid to go to school, and many offer attractive stipends to cover travel or research costs. If you are interested in attending graduate school, or are a current graduate student it is worth your time to do some research into fellowship programs and scholarships to determine if these programs will help you manage your finances during graduate school.

In fact, exploration of available fellowships may even open your eyes to opportunities for new experiences you hadn’t previously considered. Some fellowships sponsor study abroad opportunities, or require recipients to work for a company while attending school.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship

The Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship provides curatorial training and opportunities for scholarly research at the Metropolitan Museum.

Award Amount:

$48,454/year – Salary

$6,000/year – Research and Travel Expenses


2 – 3 years

Number of Awards:



Candidate must hold a doctorate in art history or archaeology conferred within five years from the fellowship's start date, and the candidates' work must fall under one of the following categories:

Research and cataloguing of fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Italian painting for integration in the online collections database

Research related to late-Medieval art

Research on European textiles from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century

Research on African art

Required Application Materials:

Up to date contact information

Cover letter addressing the applicant's interest in the fellowship position 

Resume or CV addressing applicant's education, professional experience, honors, awards, and publications

A statement specifying the applicant's areas of research and their relationship to the Museum's collections and activities. Maximum length is 1,000 words. 

Copy of a recent writing sample

Three letters of recommendation. None can be from current Met staff. At least one must be academic and one must be professional.

To find out more about the Metropolitan Museum of Art Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship click here.

New York State Senate, Student Programs Office: Richard J. Roth Journalism Fellowship

The Richard J. Roth Fellowship supports the research efforts of enrolled students studying public service, communications, journalism, public relations, or finance.

Award Amount:



1 year

Number of Awards:

15 Total

12  - Legislative Fellows

1  - Richard J. Roth Journalism Fellowship

1 -  Richard A. Wiebe Public Service Fellowship

1 -  James L. Biggane Fellowship in Finance

General Requirements:

Applicants must be full-time graduate students and United States Citizens enrolled in an accredited university studying public service, communications, journalism, public relations, or finance during the previous fall and spring semesters (Note: The James L. Biggane Fellowship is open to mid-career professionals as well as students).

Required Application Materials:

Application Form

Essay Writing Sample

Statement of Purpose

A Policy Proposal

A Rebuttal of a Policy Proposal

Proof of Citizenship

To find out more about Fellowship Opportunities available through the New York State Senate Programs Office click here.

Amelia Earhart Fellowship for Women

The Amelia Earhart fellowship supports women engaged in graduate studies in the fields of aerospace-related sciences and engineering. This award can be used at any college or university.

Award Amount:



1 year - renewable


Number of Awards:


General Requirements:

Fellowships are open to women of any nationality pursuing a doctoral degree. Candidates are required to demonstrate outstanding academic performance in the field of aerospace engineering or related sciences.

Required Application Materials:

Completed Application

Evidence of participation in a well-defined research program that has a direct link to the science of aerospace engineering or related topics

Outline of plans for future study

Official Transcripts

List of other scholarships

List of awards and honors

Employment History

Personal Statement

Three Letters of Recommendation

Verification of current enrollment in an approved program

For more information on the Amelia Earhart Fellowship Program click here.

American Architectural Foundation and Friends of Vieilles Maisons Francaises: Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship:

Fellowship for an American or French architect to spend 6 months studying historic preservation techniques and practices in France or the United States. Recipients of this award are required to submit a final report upon completion of their course of study

Award Amount:



6 months

Number of Awards:


General Requirements:

Applicants must be French or American architects, or architectural students.  American applicants must be proficient in speaking French and French applicants must be proficient in speaking English. All applicants must specialize in historic preservation.

Required Application Materials:

A phone interview

Completed Application


Cover Letter

5 Letters of Recommendation

List of Projects and Works

Professional Photo

For more information on the Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship click here.


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