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Law school is a popular option for students looking to further their education by returning to school. Just about everyone at some point in life will need a lawyer of some type, and all of them have earned a juris doctor, or JD, usually from an American Bar Association accredited program. But not all law school graduates practice law. There are many law school graduates that have never practiced or no longer practice law and work in other industries.

Job opportunities in the field

A law degree can open many career doors, and law school graduates have gone on to esteemed careers as university ombudsmen and mediators, writers and actors, and even president of the United States.

Having a J.D. does not ensure a life of courtroom drama, although that is an option. As a practicing lawyer, you can find yourself in working in areas such as e-Commerce, Civil Rights Law, Entertainment and Sports Law, Securities, and even start your own law firm.

Before entering law school, a four-year undergraduate degree is typically required. However, there is no suggested course-track on which to embark. Law school admissions people recommend a liberal arts background, but any undergraduate major can lead you into the halls of justice at law school.

Famous law school graduates

  • John Grisham - Author
  • Julio Iglesias - singer
  • Tony LaRussa - Major League Baseball Manager
  • Geraldo Rivera - Television personality
  • Mohandas K. Gandhi - political activist
  • Adam Cardinal Maida - Archbishop of Detroit
  • Francis Scott Key - Patriot Composer
  • Howard Cosell - Sportscaster
  • Nicolas Copernicus - Astronomer



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