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Fast Track MBA Programs

Some students hoping to earn a master’s may wish to pursue a fast track Master of Business Administration (MBA). There are a number of online programs that offer this type of educational path. Here is some info about what this type of program is.

What Is a Fast-Track MBA?

The goal of a fast track MBA is to help students finish their degree program in a shorter amount of time. Typically, this is about 12 months.

Traditionally, an MBA takes two years, at a minimum, in a non-fast track path. During this type of program, students usually spend days or nights and sometimes weekends working on their educational requirements. This may be difficult for some who may be working or trying to meet other life responsibilities.

Who May Wish to Consider a Fast-Track MBA?

Students who have a bachelor’s and want to pursue a master’s in business may wish to take on this path. The fast track approach offers a number of benefits, including allowing students to choose from potential colleges around the country. They may also be able to choose from various courses not available locally to them. Students may be able to study anywhere they have an internet connection.

Additional benefits may include spending less time enrolled in school. That may translate into a lower cost for this type of education as well. This type of path may prepare students to work in management and leadership roles or take the first step into leading a company.

Schools Graduating the Highest Number of Students from Fast Track MBA Programs

According to IPEDS, these are the schools with the highest number of graduates of accelerated MBA degree programs in 2020.

School NameGraduatesAcceptance Rate
Western Governors University5220100%
University of Maryland Global Campus2022100%
University of Phoenix-Arizona1855100%
Grand Canyon University177477%
Southern New Hampshire University168388%
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Here is a closer look at what these schools have to offer

Western Governors University

Western Governors University offers three MBA course paths. These focus on IT management, healthcare management, or a traditional MBA program. The program aims to allow students to earn their MBA within just a year. Students work with a Program Mentor who meets with them weekly to ensure they remain on track to finish their degree program in a year or less. Students may use recorded or live sessions led by subject matter professors and instructors. There are live interactions with the Program Mentor throughout the process.

University of Maryland Global Campus

The University of Maryland Global Campus offers an 18-month fast track MBA program. This online program enables students to access skills requested by employers in areas of finance, human resources, strategy, marketing, and leadership. It focuses on typically real-life problems. Courses include problem solving in professional fields, leading a multicultural global environment, and leading organizations and people. Students may be able to choose courses that interest them as well.

University of Phoenix-Arizona

Another fast track MBA is available through the University of Phoenix – Arizona. This program requires 16 months of learning. Students earn 33 total credits as a component of this program. Students who have a bachelor’s in any field may be able to apply for this program to earn an MBA in the traditional program. The school also offers an online version that’s faster, allowing students to earn their degree in about 12 months, finishing the same number of credits. This focuses more on independent learning and requires self-governed coursework with assistance from an instructor. Students need a bachelor’s in business or management to enroll in this program.

Grand Canyon University

Another option is Grand Canyon University which offers an online MBA program that offers smaller class sizes (averaging under 25 students). This program allows those with a bachelor’s in business or those who meet finance, accounting, and statistics prerequisites, to finish the program within 18 months. Students pursue one, 8-week, 4-credit course at a time, allowing them to graduate faster.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University offers a fast track MBA that lets students graduate in about a year but through a self-paced program. Some students may benefit from this if they are unable to keep up with the intense demands of a traditional MBA. It helps to mesh with a student’s busy life, too. Students may select from 15 career-focused concentrations as a component of this MBA path, too.

Should You Consider a Fast Track Online MBA?

The decision to enroll in a program like this depends on many factors. Students may wish to pursue this type of education if they are hoping to take on management or leadership roles in their current company or may wish to pursue different opportunities.

While fast track programs take less time to finish, they still require a significant amount of education, planning, and organization. Students may still need to have time to dedicate to their education, which could include more self-paced education.

Students may also wish to compare programs to determine which one fits their needs. Some offer self-paced education with recorded classes. Others have live instructors that meet at specific times of the day that students may need to be available for to take those courses. Depending on a student’s desired goals and what they wish to study, this type of educational path may be well worth the investment.

This is an offer for educational opportunities that may lead to employment and not an offer for nor a guarantee of employment. Students should consult with a representative from the school they select to learn more about career opportunities in that field. Program outcomes vary according to each institution’s specific program curriculum.

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