An IT bootcamp may be a great way to learn coding and other IT skills in a short educational program. There are many types of IT Bootcamps. This could include a cybersecurity boot camp, digital marketing boot camp, or those on topics such as full-stack web development and other programming languages. This type of intensive program may cover a specific set of topics in the information technology field.


What is Coding Bootcamp?

In many ways, an IT bootcamp often serves as a way to learn to code, program, or accomplish other tasks in the field. This may be related to web and mobile development, data analytics, or many other topics.

Will a coding bootcamp get you a job?

A person completing a program like this may be getting an intense learning experience but is not earning a degree. Bootcamp grads may use their skills in their current job or to help them qualify for other career paths if they are in a job search.

Top States for Employment for Software Developers, Applications
StateEmploymentAnnual Mean Wage
New York49,190$110,050
New Jersey43,760$100,850

Bureau of Labor Statistics

How long are IT Bootcamps?

The typical length of an IT bootcamp is often less than four months. Many are completed in 15 weeks. Programs might vary significantly in length as well as in what they teach. It may be important for a person to seek out a bootcamp that covers the specific knowledge and insights they need for their specific career goals.

Are you working in the field of your choice right now but need enhanced education or specific skills? You may be looking for a way to get continuing education so you keep your current skillset competitive for the job market. Other times, people may use online IT bootcamp programs as a way to learn something new so they may pursue a new career path. Bootcamps may allow for that. They are often flexible. You may be able to use them to achieve a wide range of goals for your future.

Could an IT bootcamp help me pursue a career change?

It may. For those who are looking to obtain specific skills to allow them to meet the requirements of a job, an IT bootcamp could work very well. Bootcamp students often learn a specific area. This may include in demand skills that may help them achieve specific career goals. When you enroll in a bootcamp, be sure to understand what it is teaching and the specific results of completing the course.

For example, those who enroll in a UX/UI program may spend the time learning just the topics of user experience and not other IT topics. This may help prepare someone for a career working in UX.

Gaining new skills is often important for many people working to enhance their current degree or skill level. Because the world of IT is always changing, it may be very important to have the most modern and up to date skills. This type of bootcamp may help to achieve that goal.

Some programs may include tools to help you with qualifying for a specific job. For example, some offer career services, help with developing a portfolio of projects, and mock interviews. They may help you with things like career goals based on your specific needs. If you are brand new to the IT world, you may use this type of help to learn more about career paths that may be interesting to you.

Could an IT bootcamp help with certification?

A coding bootcamp graduate may or may not earn a certification. This may be very much dependent on the educational path the student takes. Each bootcamp could be a bit different in what it teaches. Some may have specific educational paths to help equip students with the knowledge they need to complete specific certifications. Some examples may include CompTIA Security+ or Javascript.

If you are interested in earning a certification, be sure that the bootcamp offers this. Some do, but not all do. Be sure to learn if the certification option is available from the bootcamp. Other times, you may have to complete the education provided and then sit for the certification as a separate step. Most often, these programs may not include the actual certification as a part of the course work or price point.

What could I learn in an IT bootcamp?

Each IT bootcamp may offer an opportunity to gain specific skills in various areas of information technology. Students often must work to understand their goals and choose a bootcamp that may provide for their needs. Some of the things you may learn include:

  • Computer Programming Languages: This may include topics such as MySQL, JQuery, Bootstrap, as well as JavaScript and CSS. Students may learn how to use these programming languages in a variety of applications.
  • Full Stack Web Development: A bootcamp may provide specific skills for developing skills in all aspects of web development. This may include working with both hardware and software to achieve a wide range of skills.
  • Coding: Some coding bootcamps provide an incredible amount of education in just coding projects. This may help a person develop skills as well as a portfolio of projects to showcase when on a job search or applying to various programs.
  • Web Application Development: It may be possible to find an IT bootcamp that offers extensive education in the development and execution of web applications. Students may learn how to design apps for a variety of functions.
  • Cybersecurity: Some of the bootcamps available has a specific focus on cyber security and hacking. Students may learn how to prevent and manage cyber attacks. These are a specific type of threat impacting nearly all companies and organizations today.

Whether a person is looking for continuing education or they want to develop skills as a brand new student in IT, bootcamps may be an affordable and all-around great option for achieving these goals. Each student needs to choose a bootcamp right for their needs.

Schools with IT Bootcamps

Below are some of the bootcamps that may be available. Some may be put on by startups or tech companies. Others may be from educational providers. Many of these programs may be for a set number of time. Students may need to enroll full time to complete them. Take a look at some of these programs and what they offer. The availability of these programs may change over time depending on if the organization hosting them continues to offer them.

Hofstra University

Program: Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

Description: Hofstra University is home to a series of IT Bootcamps that one may participate in. These programs range in topics and certifications for each program. The school offers a web development program, data science program, and cloud computing. They also offer an option in cybersecurity. These programs each have different levels of certification that are available to meet the students needs.

Length: 12 – 28 weeks

Curriculum: This program aims to prepare students to pursue a number of topics. The first class teaches HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Python. The second course called Website Design Tools covers CSS/HTML, jQuery, and Bootstrap framework. The third portion goes over the use of Angular, React, JS, Redux and MySQL. The next course covers Python programming for data analysis. The final portion goes over Node Js and the building of prototypes.

Career Prep/ Certification: This program prepares students for a number of careers and certifications. Students in the Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp are prepared for careers as a full stack developer, front end developer, or back end developer. They may also pursue positions as a website database administrator or UX engineer.

2022 Cost: $999 – $6,900 depending on the certification wanted

Location: Hempstead, NY, Online

Wagner College

Program: Web Development Bootcamp

Description: Wagner College provides an online web development bootcamp. This program provides a certification. In the program students are typically immersed in a number of topics and learn a number of skills. The program may be able to be completed in 28 weeks at just 20 – 30 hours per week. This allows for students to continue to work while obtaining their certification.

Length: 6 – 9 months

Curriculum: This program consists of five modules. Each module has a different length and covers a number of topics. The first module goes over an orientation, design and introduction to HTMS, CSS and JavaScript. The first mod concludes with a project of building a basic website. The second module covers advanced CSS, Bootstrap and jQuery. This module is finished with designing a website with a search engine. Module three does a deep dive into Python. JavaScript  is covered in more detail and React JS and Redux are covered. It is finished with creating a web app for task management. The fourth module goes in MySQL with even more Python coverage. The final project for this module is building your portfolio. Module five is a final capstone project to demonstrate all of the knowledge gained.

Career Prep/ Certification: This program provides a certificate of completion. This program also promises placement or a refund on your tuition.

2022 Cost: $5,100 – $7,900 with 100% placement

Location: Staten Island, NY, Online

Case Western Reserve University

Program: CWRU Coding Bootcamp

Description: The CWRU Coding Bootcamp is an online based program designed to aid students in becoming a full stack web developer. The course runs for 24 weeks and may be taken around a current work schedule as it is web based.

Length: 24 weeks

Curriculum: This program covers a number of areas. It starts with applying computer science to JavaScript through the use of data structures and algorithms. There is a section of the program on server side development covers user authentication. A portion of the course goes over browser based technologies. These include HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, and React.js. There is a section on API Interaction using API and NSON. Databases are covered such as MySQL and MongoDB. There are also supplemental self studies available in Python, C#, and Amazon Web Services.

Career Prep/ Certification: This program provides a certificate of completion. Those who finish are prepared with a resume and social media support, interviewing prep, and portfolio reviews. The students may also have soft skills education and coaching to prepare them for the new career.

2022 Cost: $11,995 with payment plans and scholarships available

Location: Online

Colorado State University

Program: CSU Professional Education Coding Bootcamp

Description: This is a fully online course that meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and during the day on Saturdays. The course schedule is designed to work around the schedule of those who already have careers. The program lasts 16 – 26 weeks and has multiple start dates.

Length: 12- 26 weeks

Curriculum: There are a number of items covered in this program. In the first month the focus is on web foundations. These include HTML, CSS, and Flexbox. The next portion covers two months and focuses on front-end development. Topics covered include looping, AJAX, and jQuery. This portion of the program also covers data types and expressions, Git, Github, and Command Line. The third portion of the curriculum lasts three months and covers back-end and full stack development. SQL, Postgres, Express and React are all covered. In addition, there is an intro to servers and databases and design are covered.

Career Prep/ Certification: This program provides a certificate of completion. This program aims to prepare students to pursue a position as a full time software developers. There are numerous positions in this field that fall under that description. The program provides resume, networking, and interview help. The program aims to prepare students to pursue careers in web development, software engineering, and front-end developer.

2022 Cost: $12,495 with payment plans and scholarships available

Location: Online

Becker College

Program: Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

Description: This is a part time web development program provided through Becker College. The course runs for 28 weeks and is online. The program provides one on one coaching and real world learning for students. The program allows students to set their own schedule and consists of two hour sessions twice per week.

Length:  28 weeks

Curriculum: This program is broken down into five sections, with each focusing on different skills and skill levels. Each portion has its own project, with the last section having a capstone that ties all elements of the bootcamp together. In the first section, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Python are covered. The second section encompasses CSS/HTML, jQuery, and Bootstrap. Part three goes over Angular, React JS, and MySQL. Section four covers data analysis using Python. In the last portion of this program covers Node Js and demonstrates all skills learned.

Career Prep/ Certification: The program aims to provide students with a certificate of completion. Students are readied for careers as a full stack web developers, front end developers, or back end developers. Other career opportunities may include WordPress developer or junior web developer. It also provides post graduate support programs in either career assistance or IT consultation education.

2022 Cost: $5,400 – $9,100

Location: Online

Flatiron School

Program: Online Software Engineering

Description: This is a 15 – 40 week online course. The program expects a full time commitment from the students and has multiple start dates throughout the year. The program assists in placement. They have an in depth curriculum to meet the needs of today’s world.

Length: 15 – 40 weeks

Curriculum: This program is divided into four sections. Each section has its own specific curriculum that builds off the previous in order to keep learning at a high pace. The first section of the program goes over fundamentals. This includes HTML and CSS. The second part of the program goes over JavaScript. The students begin building their own version of React as a part of this section. The third part covers web frameworks. In this section, students learn Ruby frameworks. They master the fundamentals of web programming using Sinatra. The final portion covers front-end frameworks. The use of React and Redux are covered. The use of Rails and JSON API are also covered.

Career Prep/ Certification: The program provides a certificate of completion. Students are provided with individual career coaching. They offer a vast employer network to help in career assistance. They offer a Career-Coaching team to help provide the skills needed to pursue the career you want.

2022 Cost: $16,900

Location: Online

Northeastern University

Program: Web Development Full Stack Coding Bootcamp

Description: This is a 13 – 22 week course that is fully online. The program offers a number of benefits. From a flexible schedule to post graduate career assistance. The program meets twice a week for two hours at a time.

Length: 13 – 22 weeks

Curriculum: This program is divided into five different sections and has multiple start dates to choose from. Part one of the program is four weeks. The program covers an orientation. This section also covers an introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The second part of the course lasts five weeks. In this portion of the program, students learn Advanced CSS. They are also introduced to Bootstrap and JQuery. The third part of the program lasts eight weeks. This portion covers Python and JavaScript in detail. The student is introduced to ReactJS and React Router. In part five, MySQL is covered. This section is five weeks long. In this section, students learn Python web programming and Python Django. All five of these sections are finished with a project, with the final section ending in a capstone.

Career Prep/ Certification: The program offers a certificate of completion. The program aims to prepare students to pursue careers as web developers of all types. The program also prepares students for careers as WordPress developers or junior web developers.

2022 Cost: $4,995 – $7,995 with scholarship opportunities

Location: Online


Program: Software Engineering Bootcamp

Description: Thinkful offers a full time online program in software engineering. The program requires attendance from 10am to 5 pm ET five days a week. The program provides live video mentoring sessions twice a week in addition to the curriculum. The classes are live and interactive.

Length: 5 – 6 months full time

Curriculum: This program is divided into five different learning modules. The first covers Client-side design. The section covers HTML and CSS and building a third party API. In section two, the topic is mastering REST software. JavaScript and NodeJs are part of this section of the curriculum. And in this section, a database is built using PostgreSQL and KNEX. In section three of the program, students study data structures and algorithms and apply them to problem solving. In the fourth section, students design a web app using a kanban board. Section five goes over how to be hired and works as a placement tool.

Career Prep/ Certification: Certificate of completion is provided. This program offers LinkedIn and resume support. They provide technical interview practice for students and full time career assistance.

2022 Cost: $16,000

Location: Online

James Madison University

Program: Web Development Bootcamp

Description: This is a 26 week course that provides students with the ability to enter the field of software engineering. This program from James Madison University offers students the ability to pursue the career they seek.

Length: 26 weeks

Curriculum: This program goes in depth over the course of it to cover all types of programs in web development. JavaScript, Python, MySQL are all covered. Students need to complete a number of projects and finish with a capstone as they progress through the program. Topics covered include database management, HTML and CSS. Students learn to build apps as well as databases as part of the program.

Career Prep/ Certification: This program provided a certificate of completion. Students in this program have full time access to career assistance for 12 months after completion. Students are prepared to pursue careers in web development and database administration. And students may also pursue careers as UX engineers.

2022 Cost: $3,500 – $5,900

Location: Online

This is an offer for educational opportunities that may lead to employment and not an offer for nor a guarantee of employment. Students should consult with a representative from the school they select to learn more about career opportunities in that field. Program outcomes vary according to each institution’s specific program curriculum.

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