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For those who enjoy learning to code, getting those essential skills may not always be easy to do. Learning the skills necessary to code may help you to pursue a career in an area that interests you. Yet, you may not have to take a full, four year college program to achieve this. Some people are able to do so using a coding bootcamp, an opportunity to work on core skills in one place over a short period of time. An online coding bootcamp makes that even easier to do.


What Is an Online Coding Bootcamp?

An online coding bootcamp is a type of concentrated course aimed at teaching core or essential skills that people could use while they pursue a career as a coder or in a related field. This type of educational program condenses the amount of time needed to earn that education, which makes it an attractive option for those who want to improve their skills in a related field or update their existing skills to meet more modern demands in the industry.

In many industries, coding and logic based skills are growing in demand. Employers may want individuals who have more extensive skills in the areas of web development programs. Online coding bootcamps may help some individuals to gain the very specific skills they need to fill those demands. Each coding program is slightly different, but they often offer valuable resources to help meet the needs of students.

What Do You Learn in a Coding Bootcamp?

Online coding bootcamps range in what they teach. Typically, they offer a very specific set of topics. Those topics may vary from one program to the next. Those interested in these programs may wish to compare several to determine which offers the insights and support they need specifically.

Here are some of the topics that may be found in some online bootcamp programs.

  • Computer science applied to JavaScript: this may include topics such as performance, time complexity, big O Notation, algorithms such as Searches and Sorts, and data structures
  • API Design: This may include topics such as JSON, Client Server Model, API, Rest, AJAX, HTTP, and others
  • Databases: This may include topics such as MySQL and MongoDB, among others
  • Browser Based Technologies: Responsive Design, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, progressive web applications, and more
  • Deployment and Delivery Topics: Some of the topics in this area may include Linting, Git, Heroku, GitHub Pages, Shell Scripting, and Unit Testing, among others

Many programs offer coding skills beneficial to back end, front end, and full stack web development. This could include extracting data from databases and web development skills, including web development frameworks and more.

Are Coding Bootcamps for Beginners?

There are some beginner coding bootcamps that may help individuals with few web development skills to start the process of building their skill set in this area. Some more advanced programs may be too difficult for those who have no industry knowledge in this area just yet. However, a number of coding programs may be available to fit the needs of beginners.

More so, there are various reasons to learn to code. Some hope to do so just to learn something new and for personal use. Others focus their education on career based coding that could help them to better their long term career goals. It is important for those seeking out these courses to choose the fitting approach based on their long term goals.

How Do Coding Bootcamps Work?

Coding bootcamps come in various forms. Online bootcamps often require students to attend at a specific time or may offer pre recorded lectures and demonstrations that fit a self paced model. In person bootcamps may mean visiting a college, university, or another area to sit for the classes.

Part time and full time programs may be available. Each one allows for different activities and demonstrations to prepare students to embrace their education in a way that works for them. Some programs provide live instruction as well as interactive meetings with peers. It may also include a lot of hands on experience working through various tutorials and guides on a computer.

Coding experiences differ based on the program. May offer several weeks of instruction taken over a period of time in the evenings, or they may offer in person meetings held on the weekends.

Are Online Coding Bootcamps Worth It?

Various benefits exist to finishing an online coding bootcamp. Not all camps are equal, which means students may need to spend some time comparing their options. These bootcamps aim to provide access to core skills in the web development area, but they require a time commitment and often homework to help students pursue the skills they need. A high quality, modern bootcamp offering insights and innovative content that you may not have already may be well worth it.

Consider some of the pros and cons of coding bootcamps:

Short Completion Times: Many programs may be finished in months or are self pacedLittle Financial Aid: These programs typically do not qualify for financial aid but offer payment plans for students.
Ease of Access: Many programs are available online, meaning they may be done anywhere.Lack Accreditation: Many coding bootcamp programs are not accredited. This is much different than college degree programs.
Overall Cost: These programs are typically more affordable than a four year degree program.Lack Depth: Many of these programs do not get very deep into concentrations but rely on providing a wide range of introductory skills.
Career Readiness: These programs typically prepare you to enter the field immediately so as to get into the field upon completionFew Skills Taught: Though they may teach a variety of skills, they tend to focus only on the current trends.

Do Coders Make Good Money?

How much a coder makes depends on the type of work they do. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that, in 2022, the median pay for a person working as a computer programmer was $97,800 per year or $47.02 per hour. Not all coders work in this field, though. Some work in government organizations, private companies, software development companies, retailers, and numerous other organizations. This could impact what they earn.

Top Salary Metro Areas in the United States: Software Developers, Applications
Metro AreaAnnual Mean SalaryEmployment
San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA$133,39040,910
Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA$129,47048,510
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA$127,21048,750
Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA$115,350190
Vallejo-Fairfield, CA$115,120170

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Online Coding Bootcamps

Take a closer look at some of the options available in online coding bootcamps. This is not a full list of potential options, and opportunities change often.

Program NameStarting CostPrograms OfferedFormatLength
Devmountain$9,900Web Development, UX Design, IOS Development, Software QAOnline, In Person16 weeks full time, 32 weeks part time
Actualize$15,900Software EngineeringOnline, Day, and Evening options17 weeks in total
Thinkful$4,900Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, UX/UI Design, Technical Project Management, Digital MarketingOnlineFive to six months
Springboard$5,000Data, Design, Coding, Cybersecurity, Tech SalesOnline12 weeks to six months
Hack Reactor$17,980Software EngineeringOnline12 to 36 weeks
General Assembly$3,950Data Analytics, Software Engineering, UX Design, Data Science, Front End Web Development, Product ManagementIn person and Online10 to 24 weeks
App Academy$17,000Software EngineeringIn Person, Online16 to 24 weeks
Coding Dojo$8,745Data Science, Cybersecurity, Ui/UX DesignIn Person, Online14 to 32 weeks
Kenzie Academy$12,500Full Stack Web Development, Software Engineering, UX DesignOnline9 to 12 months
The Tech Academy$5,300Software Development, C# and .NET, Python, Cyber Security, Web DeveloperOnline, In Person10 to 40 weeks
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