ACBSP vs AACSB Accredited Schools

ACBSP vs AACSB Accredited Schools: Know the Difference

Students that are looking into a business school may need to compare options closely. Things like course options and alumni success are some of the things to look for in each school. Accreditation is another. There may be many types of accreditation available to business schools. Two of the most known are ACBSP vs AACSB. These are different orgs with different qualifications. Schools with either accreditation may prove to be the perfect choice for some students.

Students thinking about an online business program should seek out an accredited program. This is really key for MBA programs. This may help to ensure the content taught is of the highest quality. It also may ensure that these online programs meet the same requirements and standards as those programs associated with on campus programs.

Knowing the types of accreditation may be key.

What is an ACBSP Accredited School?

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) is a business school accreditation org serving many U.S. schools. It was founded in 1989 and is based in Overland Park, Kansas. It was founded just for the goal of accrediting business programs and schools in the U.S.

The org has a focus on teaching and learning programs. At its largest point, the ACBSP had over 8,000 members. It also had 828 member ed institutions. Of these members, 529 had accreditation from the org. That was in 2010. Today, there are over 10,000 individual members on campuses.

The ACBSP program offers accreditations to bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. programs. It also covers a range of different studies in the business area. This may give students more access to the education they desire.

The ACBSP tends to focus on teaching methods. Schools need to have excellent teaching from experienced and qualified faculty. They also encourage regular and continuous research in schools. This is a key part to the success they require from schools. But, ACBSP always aims to ensure that a key part of accreditation comes from providing quality curriculums to MBA students.

The accreditation program values research but does not make that the highest priority associated with achieving accreditation. It also accredited smaller and mid sized programs more readily. This type of program may be highly desirable to students who value quality education.

What Is an AACSB Accredited School?

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is also known as AACSB International. It is a professional accrediting body serving U.S. schools. This program was once called the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. It adjusted its name to better suit students in today’s modern climate. This body does not accredit for profit schools.

The AACSB was founded in 1916. It has a membership of over 1600 business schools through out the U.S. and beyond. The first AACSB accreditations took place in 1919. At first, it only accredited schools in the U.S. It advanced to provide more int’l support and to provide better int’l options. In 2019, the AACSB achieved ISO 9001 certification. This is an int’l standard for improvement of quality.

Accreditation by AACSB often shows the program has a current curriculum for business students. It also aims to ensure the faculty is skilled and experienced, and importantly, qualified to teach students at the bachelors or MBA level. Keep in mind that AACSB accreditation is not heavy. That is, only 5% of the thousands of programs offered around the world for business students receive this accreditation.

With the AACSB, there is a heavy interest in research. That leads some people to believe the programs it accredits are not always focused on content or design. Rather, the focus is sometimes on the school’s production of independent research. Those schools tend to get more grants.

Many of the AACSB programs are larger AMB programs. This does not mean that smaller programs are not worthwhile for students. Students who plan to get reimbursed for their continuing education may need to consider this.

Similarities in ACBSP vs AACSB Accredited Schools

When you consider ACBSP vs AACSB, both accrediting bodies may be similar. They both value quality content in curriculums. They also value the overall quality of faculty within those programs.

The AACSB requires schools to work with a mentor team from the AACSB. This mentor team could provide oversight and helps the program to create a self study report. This report then shows them how well they meet the AACSB standards. These standards could change year to year. Once they meet the self study requirements, the AACSB then starts the pre accreditation process. This is a much more in depth review of the process. It may last about a year. If completed, the school is then fully accredited. Schools and programs must re certify every five years.

The ACBSP program is some what the same. There is a highly in depth process to achieving the accreditation. This includes an in depth study of the school’s ability to meet key standards. Eligibility is strict for both programs. It could take a full year to achieve accreditation here, too. Then, after that initial accreditation, a full review of the program is completed every 24 months. This ensures the org is able to maintain the standard of the accrediting body.

Differences in ACBSP vs AACSB Accredited Schools

As noted, there are some differences in these programs. The accreditation process is a bit more intense for the AACSB accreditation. However, renewing that initial accreditation is done only every 5 years. It is done every 24 months for the ACBSP program.

Also, the accreditations stand for different things. For example, ACBSP is heavily focused on individual qualifications of the curriculums. It is also more focused on smaller and medium sized schools, not just Ivy League programs. It is also less focused on the overall level of research done by the school.

ACBSP and AACSB Accredited Schools

Here are some of the schools that have ACBSP accreditation.

NCU Northcentral University

NCU has a Business Admin program accredited by the ACBSP. It aims to promotes industry best practices and has a focus on continuous improvement of its education. Students may benefit from up to date educational programs here. It was first accredited by ACBSP in 2007. Courses at NCU include:

Eastern New Mexico University

ENMU received its ACBSP accreditation in 1991 for the first time. The school offers a range of business programs. This includes accounting, economics, and finance. It also has management and marketing programs. It offers a full online BBA degree in each of these fields. Courses at ENMU include:

Missouri Southern State University

MSSU first earned its ACBSP accreditation in 2000. It has kept it since. This school has focused programs in accounting, general business, int’l business, HR management, marketing, and others. The students in these courses often have access to skilled teachers and a up to date course work. It also offers a full, accredited online bachelors program in many business programs. Courses at MSSU include:

University of West Alabama

UWA has an accredited business program. This school earned its first ACBSP in 1997. It offers a B.S. in Business Admin Management online. The school offers eight week courses. That may allow students to start their education at many times during the year. Many students could earn their degree in four years. The school offers general business, management, and finance options. It also has marketing and accounting programs. Courses at the UWA include:

American InterContinental University

AIU first received its accreditation from ACBSP in 2011. This school offers a wide range of educational options. This includes associates, bachelors, masters, and MBA programs. Many of these are accredited. The school has programs in operations management, project management, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and accounting. It also offers courses such as technology management and HR. These programs are fully online. They also have part time and full time with flexible schedules. Courses at AIU include:

Walden University

A widely accredited business school, Walden U was first accredited by the ACBSP in 2011. This school has accounting programs. It also has many certificate programs. The online MBA program is also recognized. It also offers a DBA. This program is online, as well. The school also offers ample flexibility and numerous transfer opportunities. Courses at Walden U include:

Colorado State UniversityCSUGlobal Campus

Another ACBSP accredited school is CSU Global. This school earned its ACBSP accreditation in 2016.  This school offers 21 options for business concentration. This includes programs such as international management, accounting, and communications. Students may attend on campus or online. A MBA program is available online here as well. Courses at CSU Global include:

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide

This school received its ACBSP accreditation in 1994. Students may complete their programs in up to date courses online. This includes technical management, aviation management, and an MBA program. Courses at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide include:

Regent University

First accredited in 2012, Regent U offers a range of business programs. This includes programs in health care management, economics, not for profit management, small business analytics, and finance and investing. It also offers entrepreneurship, marketing, and servant management. It also offers an MBA plan with additional concentrations. Courses at Regent U include:

Peirce College

Peirce College first received its ACBSP accreditation in 2002. It offers a range of programs, including organizational leadership, technology management, and human resources. This school offers online and hybrid educational paths for students. It offers flexible. Courses at Pierce College include:

AACSB Accredited Schools

Here are some of the schools that have received AACSB accreditation.

John Hopkins University – Carey Business School

John Hopkins U offers a range of business programs through its Carey School of Business. It received AACSB accreditation in 2017. The school offers bachelor, master, and flexible master programs. Many of these programs may be completed online. The school’s programs include the basics, such as accounting and business admin, but also design thinking and global strategy courses. Courses at John Hopkins U – Carey School of Business include:

American University – Kogod School of Business

American U’s Kogod School of Business first received its AACSB accreditation in 1991.  The MBA program here is fully online and may allow professionals to complete it. It may be earned in two years. Students may attend any of the world wide campuses. They could also complete work online in a self paced environment. Courses at American U Kogod School of Business include:

Saint John’s University – Tobin College of Business

Saint John’s U’s Tobin College of Business has a wide range of programs including risk management, financial management, industrial economics, marketing management, and business admin. The school first received its AACSB accreditation in 1982. Courses at Saint John’s U – Tobin College of Business include:

Villanova University School of Business

The Villanova U School of Business received its AACSB accreditation in 2016. This school offers both bachelors and masters degree programs. Many of them may be completed online. This school designed its higher ed programs to help ensure business pros were able to complete them. Some of the key programs here include strategic management, analytics, int’l business, marketing, and finance. There are other general tracks as well. Courses at Villanova U School of Business include:

East Carolina University – College of Business

East Carolina U’s College of Business first received its AACSB accreditation in 1967. Their programs range from basics such as accounting and marketing to programs such as applied data analytics, business admin, and supply chain management. Courses at East Carolina U – College of Business include:

Missouri State University – College of Business

Missouri State U’s College of Business is accredited by AACSB. It received its accreditation in 2018. It offers a range of business programs. Students could earn an executive MBA program fully online here. Other areas of focus include info systems, management, international business, finance, and entrepreneurship. Courses at Missouri State U – College of Business include:

Southern Arkansas University – Rankin College of Business

The Rankin College of Business at Southern Arkansas U received its accreditation from AACSB in 2010. This school offers a unique range of business topics. This includes programs in supply chain management, agricultural business management, and social entrepreneurship, among others. There are fully online programs. Students may also complete courses through out the year. Courses at Southern Arkansas U’s Rankin College of Business include:

University of Louisiana, Monroe College of Business and Social Sciences

The Monroe College of Business and Social Sciences at the U of Louisiana earned its accreditation from AACSB in 1996. The business programs here range from bachelors to masters programs in traditional as well as unique fields. Students may choose from various MBA concentrations as well. This includes in areas such as educational leadership, psychology, public administration, and gerontology. Courses at the U of Louisiana, Monroe College of Business and Social Sciences include:

Pepperdine University – Graziadio School of Business and Management

Pepperdine U received its AACSB accreditation in 1970. It offers a number of bachelors degrees and online concentrated MBA programs. This includes concentrations in areas such as finance, marketing, managing org’l change, and leadership. Courses at Pepperdine U – Graziadio School of Business and Management include:

University of Massachusetts- Lowell Robert J. Manning School of Business

The U of Massachusetts’ Lowell Robert J. Manning School of Business was first accredited by AACSB in 2018. The program may allow for a full online MBA program for students. Courses at the U of Massachusetts – Lowell Robert J. Manning School of Business include: