Master’s Degrees in Michigan: New Employment Opportunities for Qualified Candidates

Information Compiled by the Team - August 2013

Individuals interested in living and working in Michigan may need to update their skills to meet the changing demands of the states job market.  Earning a master's degree in Michigan that gives you skills to compete for jobs in a growing field may be one way to enhance your resume and establish a network of contacts to help you capitalize on opportunities in the market.  The infographic below compares information from BLS reports on employment and salary statistics for Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and national data.  

Who's Hiriring in Michigan 

News of Detroit’s recent bankruptcy perpetuates the idea of Michigan as an economic wasteland. While the state faces significant financial and social challenges, Michigan has some emerging industries that provide a great deal of opportunity for qualified individuals.  Earning a Master’s Degree in Michigan may help you gain the skills necessary to be eligible for a job in one of these emerging fields. conducted research into the job environment in Michigan and the City of Detroit and found top employers in the region are healthcare providers, educational institutions, financial services providers, energy companies, the gaming industry, and tech companies. 

Research of BLS data found the job outlook in Michigan is actually favorable for many professions; Michigan surpasses Indiana and Ohio in employment levels for jobs in engineering, software development, postsecondary teaching, and architectural management. A comparison of salaries reported in state and national data revealed engineers employed by companies in Michigan may enjoy a salary up to $12,000 more per year than the those in the similar positions in surrounding states, AND postsecondary teachers in Michigan may make up to $2,000 more per year than the national average.

Michigan is a beautiful state, but its economy is in transition. Individuals interested in living and working in Michigan may have to carefully plan their careers to match their skills with the demands of the job market. For some this may mean returning to school to develop new knowledge and skills, for others it may mean reconsidering their educational and career goals, still others may have to figure out how their existing skill set can be reframed to take advantage of new opportunities in the market.

For those individuals interested in going back to school to earn an advanced degree, Michigan hosts many senic campuses and top notch academic programs. If you are interested in learning more about earning your Ph.D. or master's degree in Michigan check out our comprehensive directory of program listings!


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