Facebook and The Job Search

Facebook and the job search

3 ways to make your Facebook profile job-search ready

While you're working toward a master's degree, a Facebook account provides more than just distraction from your graduate school studies. The popular social media website also serves as a useful job-searching tool.

However, before you start connecting with your fellow Facebook users, there are at least three things you should do to prepare your profile for the job search.

Scan your wall

At the center of every Facebook profile is the infamous wall, where you and your friends can post content and engage in discussions. It's a fun feature that also has the potential to get you in a lot of trouble during the job search.

In an article for CBS MoneyWatch, writer Suzanne Lucas went over the importance of managing your Facebook profile.

"Remember, everything that's posted on the Internet is public, even if you don't intend for it to be," Lucas wrote. "As long as one other person can find it, it can go viral. When you're job-hunting, it's best to make sure things are nice and clean before you start sending out those resumes."

So what should you keep an eye out for? If your friends have posted any questionable comments or links to inappropriate content, delete them. The same goes for any status updates you shared that include curse words or bizarre situations. Also, always avoid talking about anything too personal on your wall.

Review those pictures

If you've got friends with cameras, it's likely you've been tagged in a few Facebook photos. That's fine, so long as the images don't raise red flags with those who could help you land a great job.

According to the results of a 2013 CareerBuilder survey:

50 percent of participating employers came across provocative or inappropriate pictures on candidates' social media pages. This means many potential employers are not only comfortable perusing online profiles, but making decisions based on what they find.

Are there pictures of you acting immaturely or in an offensive manner? Are you partying a little too hard in a lot of photos? If the answer to these questions is "yes," then remove these images as soon as possible.

Unfriend if necessary

No one enjoys being unfriended on Facebook, but sometimes it's necessary. Go through your list of friends and put yourself in the shoes of a potential employer. What do your contacts say about you? Do any of them have questionable profile pictures?

If any of your Facebook friends' online behavior is troubling, consider removing them from your list of contacts. Not ready to go that far? Then consider talking to them about how they're acting on the Web. You could end up improving their hiring prospects in addition to your own.

About the Author: Laura Morrison is the Web Content Manager for GradSchools.com. She earned an MBA from the Rutgers School of Business in 2010.

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