Silence, or a Brief Pause Until… | Post 10

By Sarah Fader
Updated June 2017

My application to graduate school has been submitted. Since the time that my application has been submitted, there’s been a lull in communication. I’ve heard nothing from graduate school and graduate school has heard nothing from me. I keep being tempted to contact them and ask them if they are going to let me in, but then I realize that all this would is annoy the admissions committee and make me potentially look insane.

I need these people to think I’m not only sane, but potentially brilliant, and worthy of entering their institution.
After speaking with Sandra at the Department of Education, I was convinced that I needed to apply to another school as a backup.
I keep imagining the old west, where it’s so quiet that all you can do to pass the time is watch the tumbleweeds roll by. That’s how I feel about my application to grad school. At least that’s how I thought I felt, until…
I received a phone call from a 718 number that I didn’t recognize. I picked up the phone in my scary voice, the one I reserve for telemarketer and wrong numbers.
“Hi Sarah,” The woman’s voice said on the other end.
“Yes, this is she.”
“This is Ms. B. I’m calling from the Department of Education’s Scholarship Incentive division. I’m calling because you’ve been selected for an interview for the speech pathology program.”
I wanted to scream “Hooray! I love you!” But instead I said: “Oh, great. Thank you so much!”
As it turns out, the interview is next week. But there’s a problem. I haven’t been accepted into any schools yet. I tell the woman this and she doesn’t skip a beat.
“Oh, don’t worry honey,” She says “There’s loads of time for that.”
So the interview is next week. I’m not sure what they’re going to ask me. I stopped by the Department of Education today to drop off my transcripts, and I met the infamous Sandra, who told me I should apply to some back up schools.
“I’m nervous about the interview.” I confided in Sandra.
“I wouldn’t be,” she says calmly. Everyone is so calm around here! “Just be as open as you are right now, and you’ll be fine.”
“So, what will they ask me during the interview?” I probe Sandra a bit; I figure I might as well get as much preliminary information as I can while I’m down here. “Are they just assessing my interest level in speech pathology?”
“Yes, we can’t really assess your abilities with regard to speech pathology, because we’re not experts in the field.”
Sandra tells me that I’ll have to do a writing sample during the interview process, which is fine by me. The thing I keep obsessing over is the fact that I still have not heard from schools with regard to whether I’ve been accepted or not. What use is getting a scholarship if I have nowhere to use to?
The next step, figuring out what to wear!
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