Rejection: The Aftermath | Post 14

By Sarah Fader

After I was rejected by Amazing University, I moped around for few days, okay more like a few weeks, and then one day, as I was sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself, I thought “Wait a minute, I still have two other schools that I’m waiting to hear by from.”

All is not lost. Just because I didn’t get into my first choice, doesn’t mean I don’t have a shot at the other two speech pathology schools.

My big concern is still the pre-requisite issue. When I spoke to the graduate admissions counselor over at Amazing University, she said that there are many candidates that do not have pre-requisites before starting speech pathology programs. But I’m not sure if the other two schools I applied to have the same pool of candidates

I emailed one school to find out what the deal is, and I’m waiting to hear back. Apparently it takes them five business days to read an email.

One thing is for certain; I’m not giving up. As I told the stern woman at the Department of Education who interviewed me, I will do whatever it takes to get into graduate school. And if I don’t get into school this year, next year I’ll take a year of pre-requisite courses. I’ll spend a year gaining credits, and subsequently making myself look like a more attractive candidate to prospective graduate schools.

Those couple of weeks I spent feeling sorry for myself didn’t get me anywhere, now it’s time to look at things from a different perspectives. If this angle didn’t work, I need to try something new.

Perhaps I need to do more research. I have a couple of friends who have already completed their speech pathology programs that I could look to for advice. The fact is, I’m not an expert in this field, but there are people out there that are, and it’s time to start looking to those folks for guidance.

Speaking of consulting professionals in the field, a funny thing happened today. Ari, Samara, my mom and I went into our local toy store, to pick up a birthday present for Ari’s friend, Nelson. One of the sales girls (that I love) in that store all but ran up to me.

“I was hoping you’d be coming in soon! I have something for you.”

She handed me a small envelope with a business card in it. It was the card of one of the dads in the neighborhood, who happens to be a practicing speech pathologist!
One of the next items on my to-do list is to contact this guy and see if he can offer me guidance.

I’m so grateful to have people looking out for me, even in a toy store! I’m not going to let one rejection from one school get me down. I will persevere until I get what I want: A graduate degree in speech pathology.

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