Ultimate Decision Time | Post 13

Rachael Kroot
July 5, 2012

You’ve read the details. You know where things stand with both UGA and MSU. From the outside, MSU was a much more practical choice. But still, my heart was torn. I was instinctively more drawn towards UGA, and I was having an awfully hard time coming to a decision. The clock was counting down.

It was time for a pro and con list.
MSU Pros:
-          Funding pays for most of the degree
-          The assistantship sounds like fun
-          The assistantship would look great on a resume
-          Broadcast is part of the coursework, so I would leave with a demo reel
-          The program covers all of the requirements to become a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (minus a couple math and physics courses)
-          No thesis
MSU Cons:
-          I’m still struggling with the idea of moving to Mississippi
-          Starkville, MS is literally in the middle of nowhere
-          Did I mention it’s in Mississippi?
UGA Pros:
-          The Atlanta area is a great location to network and make contacts
-          Athens seems like a really fun college town to live in
-          UGA has a weather center and campus in Costa Rica, where I could potentially live for the summer and develop my thesis
-          UGA’s academics are highly rated
-          Dr. Smith has been very helpful through this whole process, and I know he would be great to work with as a graduate student – he also thought the program would be a great fit for my diverse interests
UGA Cons:
-          Even if I get the assistantship, it would still be more expensive than MSU
-          The program coursework is just too much to handle
-          I probably wouldn’t have time to get an internship
-          Yes thesis
What would you do?
After a great internal struggle, and many conversations with my parents, I decided to attend… drum roll please……..
Mississippi State University!


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Rachael has a B.S. in Geography from the University of Maryland and is currently applying to graduate school for broadcast meteorology.
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