Time Management | Post 21

By Rachael Kroot
Published November 6. 2012

I said last post that being a college student means finding a balance between the social and academicGraduate Student Rachael in New Orleans aspects of life. Well, this weekend I put my balancing skills to the ultimate test by taking a weekend trip to New Orleans. Sounds fun, right? It was! I had a friend who was in town for work, and it was well worth the 4.5 hour drive down to meet up and have a little getaway. I left after class on Friday and didn’t come home until about 8 o’clock Sunday night.

While taking the weekend away from campus to see New Orleans was definitely a lot of fun, it was not necessarily smart time management. So, I thought I would share with you how exactly I went about fitting (or not fitting) everything in…

Friday (Before Leaving)

1:00pm: Complete the first half of my Statistics assignment (due next Tuesday) between classes

3:00pm: Submit my final project proposal for Statistics (due on Saturday while I’m gone)

3:05pm: Start packing

4:00pm: Hit the road

Sunday (Upon my Return)

7:30pm: Still in the car thinking about my upcoming quiz in Weather Analysis. Receive a text message from my friend Teri telling me that they are watching Bridesmaids at 8pm. Reprogram my GPS, pass the exit for my apartment, and go watch Bridesmaids

10:30pm: Finally make it home. Shower and unpack

11:30pm: Start reviewing my Weather Analysis notes

11:45pm: Decide I am too tired to study and go to bed early (yes, 11:45pm is early for me) 

Monday (Crunch Time)

7:30am: Wake up early. Lie in bed wishing I was still asleep

7:45am: Pick up my Weather Analysis notebook and start studying (for real, this time)

9:00am: Do a quick little workout in my room, shower, pack lunch, check the daily forecast

9:40am: Leave for class

10:00am: Class time - Synoptic Meteorology

11:00am: Class time - Research Methods

12:00pm: Go to the climate lab, eat the lunch I packed, and study some more with my friend John

1:00pm: Class time - Weather Analysis. Take the quiz. Pass the quiz. Breathe

2:00pm: Go back to the climate lab and finish my statistics homework on the computer there

3:00pm: Head into the broadcast room to practice in front of the green screen

5:00pm: Leave campus pleased that I finished statistics, passed the quiz AND made time to practice broadcast

6:00pm: Bounce around my room with a surprising amount of energy until I go to John’s, where he puts me and his roommate Tori through a rigorous hour long workout designed for football players. Kick butt at said workout

7:30pm: Go food shopping

9:00pm: Make a late dinner and shovel it down, because by now I’m starving

10:00pm: Write my last post about balancing college life

11:30pm: Try to study what I missed in Statistics last Thursday (I had to skip class to go to a weather balloon launch), decide I am too tired, and go to sleep early yet again


Rachael has a B.S. in Geography from the University of Maryland and is currently applying to graduate school for broadcast meteorology.
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