Spring Break | Post 30

by Rachael Kroot
Published April 2, 2013

Who says graduate students can't have fun?  

It's spring break, and I'm on vacation!  No, I didn't do anything crazy like go on a cruise to Mexico and drink for seven nights straight. As someone who wants to go into broadcasting, I already need to start keeping tabs on my "image."  I did, however, squeeze in a couple of days at the beach and a road trip around the South.

My break started with a flight out of Birmingham airport at 6am on Saturday.  That meant leaving Starkville at 2am.  I was tired, but it was worth the trek when I landed in Tampa and my dad picked me up for a weekend away with the family.  There's nothing like a day at Siesta Key to forget all of your graduate school troubles!

I had some much needed family time, and then my roommates (who were also on vacation in Florida) picked me up for a day of action and adventure at Busch Gardens.  Roller coasters might not be as relaxing as a day at the beach, but they were just as good at helping me to forget about school work!

After three full days in Florida, my break continued as Jessica and I drove around Georgia. We spent a few too many hours in the car, but I think it was worthwhile. Highlights included the CNN Center in Atlanta, Tybee Island, and best of all Savannah! For those of you who have never been to Savannah, it is an absolutely gorgeous old southern town. The historic area is filled with New Orleans style architecture, cobblestone streets, and tons of gorgeous parks and squares. 

I am mentioning my trip in part to remind you graduate students that it is okay to take a break… and in part because I am actually quite proud of how well I have immersed myself in the south this year. Six months ago, I had never been to a country music concert or tasted sweet tea. Now, I have been to Savannah, Atlanta, Memphis, Tuscaloosa and New Orleans. As a graduate student in the South, and I am determined to take advantage of my location and get a sense of the culture beyond just my college campus.

Unfortunately, life is still not all just fun and games. I am back on campus for the last weekend of break, and I have a lot of work to catch up on. First and foremost, I have to prepare for a presentation I’m giving next week. Read more about presentations and my take on graduate research in my next post.


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Rachael has a B.S. in Geography from the University of Maryland and is currently attending graduate school for broadcast meteorology.


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