End of the Semester | Post 25

By Rachael Kroot
Published December 7, 2012

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Well, it’s almost the end of the semester, and I think I’m about ready to explode.

You know the feeling? Yeah, I get the impression this is the way grad school tends to go. Everything is due at the very end. I don’t know why they do this to us. Honestly, I learned a lot this semester, but the workload was pretty low most weeks. Part of me wishes these majors projects and exams had been spread out some more. At the same time, I think I sort of thrive under the pressure. That’s why I was always such a procrastinator in undergrad.

Even at my best, however, I tend to get caught up running through things in my own head without making any physical progress. So, the best thing I know how to do when life is exploding in front of me is to make a list. This list can include anything and everything on my mind. If it’s on paper, I can stop thinking and start doing. This week, my list looked something like this:


- Check the weather daily

- Actually do my Synoptic project

- After the exam, start studying for the Synoptic final

- Study for the last Weather Analysis quiz

- Do our final Statistics assignment

- Work on my final Statistics project

- Edit our group paper for Research Methods

- Write an abstract for the Research Methods paper

- Make time for a daily Insanity workout routine

- Check my tire pressure / fill tires with air as necessary

- Pack to drive home in a week

To Do:

- Submit my daily forecast for Syracuse [for a weather forecasting contest in class]

- Practice broadcasting

- Record my final broadcast for the semester

- Talk with Dr. D about my Synoptic Meteorology project

- Study for the Synoptic exam

- Fulfill the five data requests that have finally come through the State Climate Office[remember, Dr. B is the State Climatologist, and I’m his assistant… bad timing, people finally started asking for things this week]

- Pay my rent

I have seven days left to complete my to do list.  The hardest part of keeping a list like this is dealing with the surprises that pop out of the woodwork. Like getting a ticket for parking outside the university bookstore, or finding out that you picked a bad topic for one of your final projects and you’re probably not going to get a good grade. But there is no time to dwell. I’ve got to keep moving to keep ahead of the explosion!
Rachael has a B.S. in Geography from the University of Maryland and is currently a graduate student studying broadcast meteorology. 
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