Still Getting the Hang of It | Post 4

By Elyse Muro
Published June 14, 2012

This reading is becoming easier than I had anticipated.  I feel a little bit behind but overall this past weekend there were many opportunities to soak up the sun while reading a book all about self-injury, how ironic.  Going into class I felt tired from the day and just not interested to be there.  Over the course of the evening, I felt myself perk up and by the end of the night I felt better because the lesson was great and there was some further closure regarding readings and the project that I briefly discussed in my previous post.  

I’m finding that this summer class is allowing me to balance my life with school a lot better than regular semesters allow.  I feel more relaxed and not so stressed about what has to be done and what major paper or project is approaching.  I think the majority of the relaxation is due to not having a syllabus.  While being relaxed with a more laid back course is a good thing, it can also be bad.  Being too relaxed means not realizing how quickly the short summer course is coming to an end (even though it just started).  The project will arrive before I know it and so that means preparation over the course of the class needed…which is still unknown.
With all this said, I did find some relief in this last class because we discussed the final project.  There has been an end goal set in place and what encompasses this end goal.  It doesn’t sound too rigorous but a task that I definitely will need to keep up on.  We got to use my topic idea as an example of what the professor is looking for so I feel I already have a jump-start and a clear understanding of what’s needed, what direction to take my topic and how to meet his expectations.  The overall layout seems to be step by step; due dates arrive as we are wrapping up class which is great but it still leaves this void of ‘what should I be working on for the upcoming weeks?’.  
I know in my head that readings need to continue on my own time and I now have to start looking up literature for research as well as keep in mind to check the online learning message board for discussions that need to be completed on the message board for the course.  UGH, so much in my head but nothing on a syllabus!! Still not used to this and not sure if I’ll get the grasp of it by the time this course is over.  

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