A Break is Never a Break in Grad School | Post 2

By Elyse Muro
Published June 11, 2012

taking a break in graduate school

The spring semester has come to an end but lucky for you readers I have summer classes approaching so let the schooling continue. I’m currently in my first full week off from school and then it begins again next week. Although I have a break and my mind isn’t clogged with school work that’s due, school work that’s due in the future or reading, my mind is still filled with the thought that it’s still not over and things have to be done like….buying books.

Buying books was never a huge stressor seeing that I always go to the bookstore, buy what’s needed and off I go. For this class it’s a bit different than just going to the bookstore; this summer course is being held at an adjunct building which is near my home (5 min away) compared to the 45minute commute to Shippensburg University (and I’m not driving 45 minutes just to get books). Being the queen of procrastination, buying books was something that was constantly on my mind but just didn’t put the effort into going online and looking. The thought of money came into play, wanting to wait for a pay check to come in before buying them along with finding the best deal. In the end I ordered the books last week which would leave two and a half weeks for the books to arrive. So far so good, got one in the mail and now anxiously awaiting for the second, so that still leaves my head clogged thinking about when my book is coming and hoping it comes in time. The book I’m waiting for is also the book that was suggested by the professor that we get a jump start in reading…awesome!

Although that has been one stressor during my time off from classes it is relaxing to just have a sense of freedom. Like stated previously, I don’t have this constant thought of school work or reading, which you can find in any school setting but grad school ups the ante. There are no assignments that you can miss out on without a detrimental impact on your grade. In undergrad there may have been a worksheet or answering questions from a book to hand in that I just didn’t want to do. NOPE, not in grad school; every point, every assignment, every participation, every class counts!!!
Overall, I’m enjoying this break but when the time returns next week to go back to the classroom I’ll be ready. I’m taking a course called Counseling Challenging Adolescents. It’s an elective course so the fact that it was my choice to sign up for it will hopefully make it a better experience. The books seem really interesting so believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to the readings. Plus, I’m excited to work with the professor because I have yet had him in the classroom and have heard great things. 
I will keep you posted with how the class turns out and if my outlook holds true. 
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Elyse has a B.S. in psychology from Penn State University. She is currently a second-year graduate student blogging about earning her master's in school counseling degree.
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