Seven Top Ways to Get Positively Noticed as an Applicant

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From The Road Map for Graduate Study: A Guide for Prospective Graduate Students

by Dr. Donald C. Martin, 

After helping thousands of students through the application maze at a number of prestigious schools, most recently Teachers College at Columbia University, Dr. Donald Martin shares great insider advice for those exploring the idea of going to graduate school. His new book, Road Map For Graduate Study, is structured to help you determine if you should attend graduate school, what schools may be right for you, and how best to navigate through the maze of the application process.


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    According to Dr. Martin, the 7 ways to get positively noticed as an applicant are:

    1. Include a succinct, upbeat cover letter with your application, stating why you are interested in the institution and why you hope they will decide to admit you.
    2. If you have a strong friendship or professional relationship with a current student or a recent graduate, ask them to write a letter of recommendation for you.
    3. Be creative, but not silly or outlandish.
    4. Smile
    5. Stay calm/keep your cool, no matter what happens.
    6. Ask questions that demonstrate you did your homework and are really interested in this graduate school.
    7. Do whatever you can as an applicant and take advantage of every opportunity provided to let the admissions committee know you want to attend.

    About the Author: Dr. Donald C. Martin is an expert in the fields of enrollment management, student affairs and higher education administration. From 1980 to 2008 he managed divisions including admissions, financial aid, student development, registration/advising, and career, disabled and international services.

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