Genuinely Standing Out as a Grad School Applicant - Webinar Recording

applying to graduate school

Expert Advice From Dr. Don Martin on How To Get Accepted To the Graduate School Of Your Choice


Get expert graduate school advice from Dr. Don Martin. Learn Grad School application tips and how to genuinely stand out among other applicants during your grad school application process.


Hosted by Dr. Don Martin, this webinar will teach you:

  1. The value of effective research before applying
  2. Common grad school myths
  3. Critical tips that can make or break an application .... and much more!

During the 30+ years that Don has worked in higher education, he has met, recruited, evaluated applications for, counseled and coached thousands of students in all stages of the graduate school process. Don's tips on how to stand-out as a grad school applicant can help you accomplish your educational goals and dreams. Watch the full webinar to hear more about how you can genuinely stand out, and get admitted into the school of your choice.

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