Theater Curriculum

Information compiled by the team - last updated December 2010

Studying in the field

Probably the most common graduate degree for those interested in Theater is the M.F.A. degree, which could focus on a variety of areas including acting, directing, design, and writing. Study can encompass both process oriented methodology and learning as well as practical or production experience. Another facet of acting that many programs cover is acting for television and film.

Programs are generally arranged to include a wide variety of genres and experience in order to help students experience the breadth of theater. Many programs also incorporate residencies or tours to further students' experience as well as their opportunities for exposure in the field. Many programs also integrate courses on the business of theater to help students learn how their skills and their passion for theater will interact with the concerns of business and production.

Job opportunities in the field

The career opportunities for those with an advanced degree in theater are varied, but targeted based on the specializations you choose when studying. Obviously if you want to act getting a degree in design is not the best method of going about it. However, an advanced degree can help you to hone your skills, provide you with excellent practical experience, and increase your opportunities for employment in your field. Many programs set up showcases to help their students reach theatrical agents while still in school.


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