Sports Administration Curriculum

Information compiled by the team - last updated December 2010

Studying in the field

The terms Sport Management and Sport Administration most often bring to mind the management of professional sports teams. While this is a popular track within Sport Management, there is a myriad of other options to study within this field. Although sports have a long history in society, the field of Sport Management is relatively new to academia. It arose when a need was identified to have individuals specifically trained for the management of sports separate from the management of other fields.

There is significant diversity in the types of programs now available for students to pursue. Students can choose to pursue a Master's degree in the field or to pursue an MBA focusing on Sport Management. Both options focus on those areas of business specific to Sport Management while giving students an overall understanding on business including accounting, finance, etc. These degrees try to combine both theory of sport management as well as practice, often through internships, to give students the best overall preparation for a career in the field.

Job opportunities in the field

Many different career paths are open to students with a degree in Sport Management. Examples include professional team management, facilities management, professional services (i.e. sports agent), event planning and management, college or high school athletics,health and fitness services, sports marketing as well as retail. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook forecasts that many of the job fields listed above will grow faster than the national average over the next several years as more and more people focus time on recreation and leisure activities. Explore our program listings and the program websites for more specific information and to learn about particular programs and areas of focus.


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