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Studying in the field

Citing the final report of the Music Educators' National Conference on "Teacher Education in Music", ‘General education should assist in the development of positive attitudes and penetrating insights toward others and the world and should help the student understand him or herself as a person.’( Music educators strive to achieve these goals utilizing their own cultivated knowledge of the aesthetics of music, and the historical, theoretical and philosophical foundations of the music world. Blending their intellectual insight with an intrinsic love for music,music educators foster the creativity, artistry, and scholarship of their students, while enhancing their own musicianship.

Graduate degrees in music education are offered through the following degree programs: Master of Music(M.M.), Master of Arts, and PhD. in Music Education. Related coursework is designed to groom the music education student’s teaching abilities by providing:advanced course study and research opportunities; courses to enhance musicianship, including performance, theory, and music history; preparation for doctoral studies; and specialized areas of research offerings. Programs are available with thesis and non-thesis options and assistantships are offered through various colleges and universities. Depending on your area of interest,research multiple programs to determine which program will fit your needs.

Job opportunities in the field

The educational sector offers various employment opportunities to the music education graduate, including inner city school children, the handicapped, ethnic minorities, and the gifted. In addition to teaching positions, research and administration careers are also available. Public school positions may include:music supervisor,research and curriculum consultant, and director of city school music programs. College and university positions may include: teacher of music education classes; band, chorus and orchestra director; and music department administrator. Who knows when the next budding Beethoven or Tchaikovsky will be sitting in a music education classroom! Visit the sites of our sponsoring programs for more specific information and to learn about particular programs and areas of focus.


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