International Trade Curriculum

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Studying in the field

The field of international trade is a diverse and increasingly relevant field as the world economy becomes more globalized. Study in international trade could be focused toward business studies or as part of a law degree that specifically deals with the laws involved in international trade. Either way, an understanding of international trade will encompass many fields including politics, economics, statistics, business, and more.

Topics covered as part of an international trade curriculum will frequently include financial or trade flow, the complexity of the shifting global economy, the relationship between global events and the economy, and the relationships between economics, politics, and business. An understanding of the laws and politics of trade needs to be integrated with an understanding of market forces and corporate competition in order to gain an understanding of what will truly work in a globalized economy.

As part of a law degree, international trade might fall under the Master of Laws category. International trade is typically a master's rather than a doctoral degree although related doctoral degrees in applied economics are more common. Many people will get a master's degree in international trade in order to specialize within an existing career in business.

Job opportunities in the field

One of the primary purposes of getting a master's degree in international trade is to fulfill the need for entry-level and mid-career professionals in government, corporations, and non-governmental organizations. All of these groups need people who understand the basics of trade policy and negotiations in order to influence the politics, policies, and corporate decisions involved in these matters. Pursuing a law degree in international trade would obviously prepare you to be a lawyer, once again working in a corporation, government, or non-governmental organization.


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