International Studies Curriculum

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Studying in the field

International studies encompasses a wide range of specializations, from Foreign Policy and International Relations to International Economics and International Law. Globalization has set the stage for an expanded worldview of an international political economy and the political and economic behaviors associated with them. Prominent organizations associated with international studies are: the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, and the United Nations. Education in international studies enables one to employ an interdisciplinary approach to real-world problems, thus enhancing society's ability to confront the modern day global issues of our time.
Graduate degrees in international studies are offered at both the Masters and PhD levels. Course requirements include the following: Policy Analysis and Research Design, International Economics, International Politics, and Advanced Second Language. The field offers a broad spectrum of specialization opportunities such as: Economic Development/Political Economy, Human Rights, International Security, or Development and Culture. Courses with a policy focus may include: reform in Europe, Islam and the West, and politics and economics in Africa. To enhance one’s global knowledge and cross-cultural interpersonal skills, programs are supplemented with workshops, seminars, and internships. Depending on your area of interest, research multiple programs to determine which program will fit your needs.
Job opportunities in the field
Diverse employment opportunities are available in both public service and the private sector for those possessing an advanced degree in international studies. Some of these career opportunities include: Marketing Analyst/Coordinator, Government Agencies (Local, State, Federal), Foreign Currency Trader, Copy Editor, Non-Profit Organizations, and the Peace Corps.



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