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Internet Professions

A blogger composes ongoing online content, written in a journal or news format. These are published via maintained blog sites or updated device broadcasts. Content often revolves around commentary, news updates, reviews or essays on various popular topics.


E-commerce relates to strategies, management and implementation of internet products, services and goods for purchase or licensing. It may also deal with marketing, feature and application development, merchandising and promotion, or sales systems.

Information architect

Information architects engage in the organization and design of websites, intranet portals, file servers and/or databases. They account for the layout, features, navigation methods, data structure and accessibility desired by a client or organization. Based on client needs, an information architect will use these specifications to devise the foundation and mapping that support these objectives.

Information systems auditing

Information systems auditors act as examiners, consultants and investigators into database and technology architectures. Auditing may apply to information security, technical optimization, operational or employee evaluations, or due diligence. Auditors also provide reporting, appraisals and recommendations on these findings.

LAN administration

LAN administrators are responsible for installation, setup and operation of a local area network (LAN), often for companies, schools or government bodies. They perform maintenance and troubleshooting for equipment and users, as well as evaluation and training to ensure the network maintains performance standards.

Product manager – internet

Internet project managers develop and control an assigned internet product or service. This may begin at initial conceptual stages and carry through development/execution phases, or during the product’s established lifecycle. The product manager then maintains this implementation to optimize profitability and integrity, and to meet business objectives.

Systems consulting

Systems consultants evaluate the existing information systems of clients, including databases and servers. They report potential issues or security compromises, and provide proposals for necessary products and services. May extend recommendations to revision of protocols or reorganization of personnel.

User experience designer

User experience designers are tasked with the creation and development of interface and accessibility for users of an internet product or website. They rely upon management specifications, as well as market analysis, user testing and feedback and technical parameters in order to ensure the usability and intuitive layout of website features and navigation.

Web developer

Web developers are engineers in the creation and support of architecture and features for websites. They are responsible for features ranging from site applications and designs for end users, to back-end portals and input controls for site maintenance. These tasks often requires programming skills in both web-based languages and software coding.

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