15 Types of MBA Specializations, Plus Programs That Offer Popular Concentrations (Apply Now!)

Types of MBA specializations often align with particular industries, from finance to health care. But which specializations may lead to more competitive earnings? And, what might be the best MBA specializations or concentrations for your unique goals? 

We’ve listed some accredited MBA programs that offer different MBA specializations worth considering. Or, skip to the bottom of this article for a list of 15 MBA concentrations that should be on your radar as you research graduate business programs.

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10 Business Schools That Offer MBA Specializations

According to U.S. News and World Report, choosing an MBA specialization may help you hone your competitive edge. But not all business schools offer the same tracks. Check out these ten sponsored MBA programs, which feature potential specializations to choose from.

1. Westcliff University

Westcliff University is an institution of higher education with a focus on Business and Education. The College of Business at Westcliff University offers an MBA program designed to help students prepare for new challenges in management and leadership.

Westcliff’s MBA program offers multiple concentrations to choose from. In order to graduate with a concentration, students must take three courses (nine credits) from their chosen area of study. Students opting to earn a general MBA with no concentration must choose three electives, instead.

MBA Concentrations Offered:

2. Northcentral University

Northcentral University is a regionally accredited online university that serves students from around the world. They offer an ACBSP-accredited online MBA program, with no GMAT or GRE requirement. The 30-credit degree may be earned in 16 months or fewer, depending on the student.

The online MBA at NCU offers 21 specializations to choose from, along with an accelerated track for eligible students. Candidates study one-on-one with doctoral faculty, in a flexible format designed for busy, working students.

MBA Concentrations Offered:

3. Saint Leo University

The Donald R. Tapia School of Business at Saint Leo University is ACBSP & IACBE-accredited, and is the largest Catholic business school in the U.S. They offer both traditional and online paths to earning an MBA.

The general MBA program places an emphasis on leadership skills, technology, and solving complex management challenges. Saint Leo University also offers a variety of MBA specializations, most of which are available online-only.

MBA Concentrations Offered:

4. Liberty University Online

Liberty University is a private, Christian research university based in Lynchburg, Virginia. They are also known for their online programs, including a fully-accredited, 100% online MBA program. The general MBA program requires 36 credits and may be earned in as few as two years.

In addition, Liberty offers a 45-credit MBA program that permits students to choose from a variety of career-focused specializations. Each specialization is designed to help students learn the skills, principles, and practices of a particular area of business.

MBA Concentrations Offered:

5. Benedictine University

Benedictine University is a private, Roman Catholic institution of higher education located near Chicago, Illinois. The Goodwin College of Business at Benedictine offers a variety of MBA programs, including accelerated programs that may be pursued online.

The Benedictine M.B.A. Program offers the chance to earn one or more concentrations in over 20 areas. Each concentration requires 12 credits. While earning a concentration is optional, many students choose at least one.

MBA Concentrations Offered:

6. Walden University

Walden University is an accredited institution that has served as a higher learning partner to adults for 45 years. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in a variety of career-focused areas, including business.

Walden is home to an ACBSP-accredited online MBA program. The program features a flexible learning path that potentially lets you pursue the MBA at your own speed. Plus, choose from ten specializations, including a self-designed path.

MBA Concentrations Offered:

7. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is a private, Christian university based in Arizona. Besides programs on campus, they offer online programs and other potentially flexible learning paths.

GCU is home to online MBA programs designed to help students pursue a strong business foundation. In addition to core courses in marketing, management, finance, and leadership, students are invited to choose from several areas of emphasis.

MBA Concentrations Offered:

8. Fairleigh Dickinson University

Fairleigh Dickinson is a private, nonprofit university with two campuses in New Jersey. The Silberman College of Business at FDU offers an MBA program with several learning pathss, including a Saturday MBA format that blends in-person and online learning.

Candidates may choose from six specializations, which each focus on a different professional area. Each specialization may vary in terms of credits required.

MBA Concentrations Offered:

9. Baruch College

Baruch College is a public research institution based in Manhattan. They are part of the City University of New York system. The Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College has been around for nearly 100 years, and is known as a leader in undergraduate, graduate, and executive business education.

Zicklin offers several potential paths to earning an MBA, including full-time, evening, and one-year programs. In addition to the core curriculum, students may work toward competencies in specific career areas.

MBA Concentrations Offered:

10. California Baptist University

California Baptist University is a private, Christian university based near Los Angeles, California. They are home to the Jabs School of Business, which offers an ACBSP-accredited MBA program designed for working adults

The Jabs MBA is taught from a Christian point of view and focuses on helping students prepare to lead and manage organizations. Students may also choose from several potential concentrations, depending on their interests.

MBA Concentrations Offered:

List of MBA Concentrations 

Here are 15 popular MBA concentrations you need to know about. Click to learn more about Master of Business Administration programs offering each specialization and learn how to chose a specialization in an MBA.

  1. Organizational Leadership – May focus on leading both teams and businesses, with a focus on problem-solving, risk management and decision-making.
  2. Accounting – May focus on accounting and economic principles, along with the study of business and financial management.
  3. Business Administration and Management – May cover the general management of start-ups, complex enterprises, and other types of businesses, across various industries.
  4. Entrepreneurship – May cover launching and operating new enterprises, including strategies, models, and business skills.
  5. Finance – You may study business skills for the financial sector, including corporate finance, managerial accounting, investment banking, real estate finance, and more.
  6. Healthcare Administration – You may learn about management for private and public healthcare organizations, including healthcare management, healthcare leadership skills, and more.
  7. International Business – May focus on global business from perspectives such as the cultural, political, and economic, while helping students prepare for international leadership challenges.
  8. Marketing and Advertising – Study marketing specializations and advertising strategies for business, including principles like market research, pricing, and buyer behavior.
  9. Human Resources Management – You may learn how to implement, evaluate, and fine-tune HR practices for different business types and industries.
  10. Operations Management and Supply Chain Management – Study how to manage the flow of goods and services, while exploring principles like storage, transportation, inventory, and more.
  11. Technology Management – May cover how to plan, develop, and manage information technology systems, including both technical and business principles.
  12. Project Management – Study principles and skills related to leading and managing projects, including communication, team building, business analysis, and more.
  13. Business Information Systems – May focus on management of information systems, information technology, telecommunications, databases, Internet technologies, and more.
  14. Sports Management – You may study the foundations of business and leadership while discovering how they apply to sports management, marketing, and other aspects of the sports biz.
  15. E-Commerce and Social Media – May focus on the challenges of e-business, including the integration of technology, marketing, and other aspects of electronic commerce.

What Are the Highest Paying MBA Concentrations?

That generally depends on the role the degree-holder ends up pursuing. According to U.S. News and World Report, there is a wide range of potential salaries for those who earn an MBA. The concentrations with the highest earnings may align with the highest-paying industries.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are some of the management career paths with the highest median annual salaries, as of 2017. [i]

  1. Computer and Information Systems Managers: $139,220
  2. Architectural and Engineering Managers: $137,720
  3. Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers: $129,380
  4. Financial Managers: $125,080
  5. Sales Managers: $121,060
  6. Compensation and Benefits Managers: $119,120
  7. Public Relations and Fundraising Managers: $111,280
  8. Human Resources Managers: $110,120

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[i] bls.gov/ooh/management/

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