About Us

Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE) is the leading healthcare workforce development company. Dedicated to providing customized educational opportunities and a student-centric experience, we develop online programs and workforce development solutions with industry, for industry. We achieve this goal by partnering with top-ranked academic institutions and thought-leading professionals.

What We Do

DHGE works with top-ranked academic institutions and thought-leading professionals to create industry-relevant qualifications in the form of online certificate and degree programs for the entire healthcare workforce.

Our programs meet the complete requirements of workforce development in the U.S. across multiple healthcare verticals including nursing, IT, analytics, leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurship. While we recognize the importance of clinical areas within healthcare, we also know that non-clinical areas such as administrative, technical, and managerial functions require just as much education and ongoing development to best serve the sector.  Why We Do It

DHGE’s mission is simple: By utilizing world-class online education, we want to enhance careers, improve workforces and efficiencies, and ultimately help those working in the health space provide the highest possible quality of patient care.

Who We Are

DHGE is made up of a team of passionate individuals who operate from offices in the U.K., the U.S., and Canada.


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