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The first group of Beaver College (Arcadia University) students traveled overseas in 1948 to study the economic effects of World War II in Europe, paving the way for generations of students to study abroad.

Over six decades later, Arcadia University continues to lead the field in international education, with over 130 programs in 11 countries. From the enchantment of the Mediterranean to the bustle of London or the rhythms of South America, Arcadia offers exciting learning experiences all over the world.

Enjoy academic success – earn credit abroad learning from fascinating professors.

  • Explore a new world – excursions, activities, events, …
  • Get to know yourself - then change! Gain a new view of the world and your place in it.
  • Rely on us for support: 9 centers covering 11 countries worldwide
  • Boost your resume – employers AND graduate schools.

This school does not accept selected country, but you can visit our partner site, Universities Abroad, to find a larger selection of International programs that may better match your needs.

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