About Us

Welcome to Trevecca: A Christian University in the heart of Nashville.

For more than 100 years, Trevecca has been providing a positive, life changing, faith growing environment for students of all types. Whether you're interested in an adult education school for Christian ministry, human relations, computer information technology or other, we have the qualified educators and dedication you seek. Our private school raises the standards for other adult education institutions by incorporating the importance of faith, integrity, and authenticity in each student's life. In 1915, our fabulous Christian university in Nashville, TN became one of the 8 regional Nazarene Christian universities in the continental United States!

As the official university for the Church of the Nazarene in the southeastern United States, Trevecca is guided by the Articles of Faith and the Covenant of Christian Conduct of the denomination. It emphasizes the authority of the Bible, time-honored tradition, reasoned thought, and authentic experience of Christian holiness as interpreted by the Wesleyan doctrine and worldview. The university welcomes students of any religious affiliation who subscribe to its ideals and standards.

TNU Online Adult Studies Programs Include;

• Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry
• Associate of Science in Business
• Bachelor of Arts in Management
• Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration
• Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry
• Master of Arts in Religion
• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Organizational Leadership
• Ed.D. in Leadership and Professional Practice
All programs strive to prepare students for positions of leadership and service in their chosen careers by clarifying their life calling, developing their intellectual abilities, and engaging them in research, service learning, internships, and/or other opportunities that will allow them to demonstrate practical application of their knowledge and skills.


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