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London is an historic nucleus of the international art and antique markets. It is a global center of learning and is known world-wide for the importance of its visual and performing arts. Here, dealers trade in art and antiquities from Asia alongside British, American and European painting, sculpture, design and classical antiquities.

For over forty years, an object-based approach to teaching has been a distinguishing feature of Sotheby’s Institute of Art and a cornerstone of its programs. Students learn through hands-on examination of works in galleries, museums and private collections in Europe, the United States and Asia.

The programs are taught by highly respected scholars. The combination of expert faculty, visiting professors, and specialist lecturers provides students with a breadth of knowledge and experience as well as an opportunity to develop a network of professional relationships. Faculty members offer guidance in both academic and career-related subjects. Teaching styles facilitate a close working relationship with students, and there is frequent contact in the classroom and during office hours. Study visits and seminars take place in smaller groups, and allow for close viewing of artworks and additional discussion.


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