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Considering a PhD Technology Management Program near Raleigh ? Technology management is a concentration within the broader fields of information technology and business management. Focusing mainly on research, a PhD Technology Management​ degree might help students develop skills that will help them to serve in industrial and educational capacities while building on research procedures and an understanding of industrial processes. The goal of some of these programs is to turn doctoral candidates into contributing scholars and researchers with the ability to produce research in the technology management field and obtain faculty status at universities around the world. Become a doctor of technology management through one of our many graduate programs available throughout the world.

Important Skills for Students in a PhD in Technology Management Program

Potential Coursework For Students in a PhD Technology Management Degree Program

Candidates who decide to pursue a PhD Technology Management program might benefit from having already earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related field of study, such as computer systems or information technology. Generally speaking, coursework at the doctoral level expects a basic knowledge of such subjects as statistics, computer programming, economics, and business management. If an area of specialization will be chosen, some practical work experience in that area may even be required by some programs.

Expectations within Technology Management PhD Programs

Some Raleigh PhD technology management doctorate programs offer advanced coursework in managerial techniques, laws, ethics, marketing, finance, and economics. Some programs expect studies to end with the successful defense of a dissertation, so coursework might focus on research methods and techniques. Candidates may be required to work closely with a faculty member during research and writing of a dissertation. There may also be an expectation for the dissertation to be published in a peer-reviewed journal with the faculty advisor as a co-author. Dissertation requirements will vary by program, so be sure to check with advisors at the schools you are interested in order to develop an understanding of the specific expectations of that program.

Different doctoral programs have additional requirements, such as regular participation in research, seminars, training, and other programs provided through the university. These are often clearly outlined in a program of study before enrollment. Candidates should expect to regularly update their department on their progress toward earning their technology management degree each academic year.

Those interested in earning a technology management graduate degree might also consider their options for earning an online Doctorate in Technology Management.

Beneficial Skills and Qualities for PhD Technology Management Students

A potential career in technology management means being responsible for a number of individuals in a specific department. Whether acting as an information systems director or a professor at a university, these skills and qualities might potentially benefit individuals interested in pursuing potential career opportunities in technology management:

  • Read and Write. No matter if instructions are coming from the CEO of a company or the dean of the college, it is imperative that individuals working in technology management know how to effectively read and write at the technical level.
  • Listen. Students will have questions and subordinates are likely to seek out help with technology-related issues. Managers, supervisors, and professors must be able to effectively listen to and understand what coworkers and students are saying.
  • Communicate. In addition to listening, managers and professors must be able to communicate instructions in such a way that those around them can understand. They must also be willing to pass on information such as training and techniques in order to improve the effectiveness of their departments.
  • Problem Solve. Problems inevitably arise when dealing with technology. Supervisors should be able to take action to resolve issues as quickly as possible. This involves creative thinking and the ability to perform under pressure.
  • Lead. Professors, supervisors, managers, and directors must be able to motivate and guide the people around them. A sound foundation in information technology subjects along with firm confidence is useful in projecting an air of good leadership. This ability also combines skills such as communication and problem solving.

Potential Career Opportunities for Graduates of a PhD Technology Management Program in Raleigh

Individuals who graduate with a doctorate or PhD technology management might hope to pursue potential career opportunities in the IT departments of different organizations. Specifically, earning a doctoral degree in technology management might be a good fit for those interested in pursuing potential career opportunities as managers and directors over analysts, programmers, engineers, and support workers. Potential career opportunities for technology management PhD degree holders may be available in a wide variety of industries.

Career Fact: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Computer and information systems managers usually spend 5-10 years in an IT occupation before being promoted to a manager.

Graduates might also want to consider pursuing potential career opportunities in education. Earning a doctoral degree, especially one that involves the successful completion of original research and defense of a dissertation, might help individuals develop skills that would help them pursue potential employment at the university level.

Those with a love for information systems and the desire to impart information and lead others might enjoy the process of earning a doctorate in Technology Management. Pursuing a doctoral degree is a great idea for those who wish to truly master subjects in technology management and maneuver themselves into a position to effect real change in the technological and business sectors.

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