Pennsylvania PhD Technology Management Programs (Campus)

Looking for PhD Technology Management Schools for your doctorate? Building off of the fields of information technology and management of business, doctorate in technology management on campus degrees are designed to help train individuals to become leaders in the technology sector of many different industries. Earning a Ph.D. in Technology Management on campus may be a great choice for individuals dedicated to completing studies with the face-to-face guidance of faculty members and complete access to physical university resources.

PhD Technology Management Schools

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Potential Coursework Expectations for PhD Technology Management Schools

PhD technology management schools on campus program are often research-intensive. This degree builds off of undergraduate- and graduate-level degrees in a subject related to technology, so courses at the doctoral level tend to focus on the management aspect of general subjects such as marketing, economics, and finance. In addition to technology and management courses and seminars, some programs may require students to actively engage in independent research and show continual progress on a doctoral dissertation.

A dissertation, which often must culminate in a publishable piece of work, might be required by some universities before awarding a doctorate. Generally speaking there are two defenses involved with the writing of a dissertation: the proposal and the final. Upon a successful final defense, the dissertation should be published in a peer-reviewed journal. These requirements may vary among programs, be sure to check with advisors at the schools you are interested to learn about the specific requirements of their programs.

Additional requirements are often included in different doctoral programs, such as participation in training and regularly meeting with members of the faculty. Statements of progress at the end of each academic year may also be necessary to demonstrate continual progress toward earning the degree.

Concentrations in PhD Technology Management Schools Doctorate Programs

In addition to general coursework, PhD Technology Management Schools have different areas of specialization. These areas of advanced concentration take up a specific number of credit hours and can vary between institutions. Some common areas of focus might include:

  • Digital Communication –This concentration examines designing and implementing digital communication systems with a focus on analyzing and resolving problems, understanding policies, and developing efficient and effective systems and programs. Experience in computer programming, operating systems, application performance, and an understanding of digital and analog electronics is generally required.
  • Manufacturing – Technology in the manufacturing industry focuses on replicating and improving the profitability of products. An understanding of economics is vital to building on production practices. In these type of PhD Technology management Schools candidates study operations and control processes in order to learn how to add value to products through information technology systems.
  • Human Resources – This concentration tends to focus on developing better training programs in order to improve the performance of individuals, groups, and organizations. It involves the collection and interpretation of data and the implementation of research procedures to provide solutions to problems in the industrial sector. Courses in psychology, sociology, counseling, communication, and economics may also be necessary.
  • Construction – The management of construction projects requires strict discipline and control. This specialization aims to produce management-level individuals capable of improving the construction process and effectively leading a team of individuals through a project. Legal and ethical studies may be a significant component of this kind of program. Work experience in the construction industry may also be required before enrolling.
  • Quality – This area of specialization focuses on systems responsible for monitoring quality in products and processes. It involves providing management skills for complex organizations as well as achieving customer satisfaction. A degree involving study of technical course work, management, and statistics is likely to help before enrolling in such a concentration.

Potential Career Opportunities for Graduates from a PhD Technology Management Schools Program

Information technology might span a number of different industries. Almost anything related to computers and communication can fall under this category. As such a broad field of study, there may be many different potential career paths for information technology professionals to pursue.

Earning a doctorate in technology management on campus might qualify individuals to pursue potential career opportunities in education or research. Those interested in imparting personal experience and knowledge on to future generations working in technology may choose to pursue potential career opportunities as professors at universities around the world, provided they have the proper education and certifications.

Learning more about managing technology might help graduates develop the ability to work on projects that may influence processes that guide modern communications, manufacturing, and technological development. Professionals interested in using their knowledge and experience to improve upon current technological processes might benefit from pursuing this degree. Find the best PhD Technology Management Schools for you today!

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