Sports Management PhD Programs & EdD Sports Administration Degrees in Chicago

Both the Doctor of Education – EdD, and the Doctor of Philosophy – PhD in Sports Management degree are considered the terminal degrees in the field of sports management, although certification is generally not required for a career in sports management. Doctoral-level programs train students in the top analytical and research methods vital for a career in academia or sports administration. Sports management is an interdisciplinary field in which coursework might range from kinesiology, to economics, leadership and business law during your doctorate in sports management.

Chicago PhD in Sports Management Overview : Sport Management PhD Programs

Whether you are a current professional looking to advance in higher education or someone interested in potentially achieving leadership positions within the growing sport industry, a PhD in Sports Management Program might help you develop the best research, critical thinking, or teaching skills that may prepare you for a variety of potential career paths in sports-related industries. Applicants to PhD in Sports Management programs must possess a bachelor’s degree, though one in sport management is generally not required. This being said, applicants without prior coursework in the field may be required to take several prerequisites prior to beginning their doctoral program. Previous professional experience in sports management is considered useful but not commonly required for admission. Students in Ph.D. programs learn about sports from a business perspective. Topics often include how sports are marketed, how to effectively run sports organizations, as well as how to mange human resources. The business aspects of sports management programs cultivate leadership and managerial development appropriate for those interested in pursuing high-level roles with professional sports teams, university athletic departments, or other athletic organizations.

Choosing a Sport Management PhD Program: Online or On-Campus in Chicago can help you find and select a PhD in Sports Management program that aligns with your learning needs and career goals. Busy working graduate students might prefer the convenience of distance-learning, and can browse the online programs. Those students interested in attending a graduate school can search for programs by location; the city, state and country tabs will be helpful here. Review programs such as Doctor of Education – Sports Management, or PhD in Management with emphasis on Sport Management.

Chicago Doctorate Degrees in Sports Management: PhD or EdD

The two major types of doctorate degrees in sports management are the Doctor of Philosophy Degree, or PhD in Sports Management, and a Doctor of Education Degree (EdD). Within these broad categories, there are several areas of expertise that students may specialize in that may include:
  • PhD in Sports Management
  • EdD in Sports Management
  • PhD in Sports Management–Sports and Exercise Sciences
  • EdD in Sports Management–Sports Medicine Emphasis
  • PhD in Business Administration–Concentration in Sport
  • PhD in Sports Management–Kinesiology

Potential PhD in Sports Management Curriculum

Coursework in a sports management PhD program is primarily lecture-based, with students delving into independent research and dissertation writing in their final years. Common courses may include:
  • Sports law
  • Sports organization finance
  • Sports management human resources
  • Sports marketing
  • Organizational behavior in sports
Doctorate in Sports Management  in  Chicago

Potential Careers in Sports Management after PhD in Sports Management

Although individuals interested in postsecondary teaching commonly pursue a Ph.D., graduates with a sports management doctorate are also qualified for a variety of potential careers in sports organizations, such as:
  • Operations Managers
  • Head Coach
  • Management Consultant
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Team general manager
  • Financial director
  • Administrative Services Managers
  • Event marketing manager
  • Marketing Director
Top executives are essential for managing companies and organizations and their work is central to the success of a company. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics while job competition is strong, candidates with an advanced degree and extensive managerial experience will have the best prospects. Recent reports indicate that employment of top executives is projected to grow 6 % from 2014 to 2024, and that the 2014 median pay was $102,750

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Now you’re equipped with the information you need to start your search for a doctorate in sports management. The academic path you choose may depend largely on what you plan to do after you complete your degree. To a certain extent, you want to not only prepare yourself with an education but also the ‘right’ education for the type of career you want to lead.
  • Choose from an MBA in Sport Management, MBA in Athletic Administration or MS in Sport Management
  • Some of the nation’s most affordable tuition rates, from a private, nonprofit, NEASC accredited university
  • Qualified students with 2.5 GPA and up may receive up to $20K in grants & scholarships
  • Multiple term start dates throughout the year.
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