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Earning an online PhD in Sports Management programs may be the best and most convenient option for graduate students interested in pursuing a terminal degree in Sports Management. Earning your PhD in Sports Management offers students the opportunity to cultivate top expertise in analytical, research and business management as they pertain to sports administration. As a multi-disciplinary academic field, PhD in Sports Management programs may range from sports sciences, sports medicine and sports psychology to education, economics and marketing.

Online Sports Management Doctorate Degree Program Information - Online PhD in Sports Management

Online PhD in Sports Management Program Overview

Both the Doctor of Education –EdD in Sports Management and the Doctor of Philosophy -PhD in Sports Management degree are considered terminal degrees in the field of sports management. The PhD in Sports Management is designed to prepare students to perform with a high level of efficiency and expertise in the sports industry. Whether you are interested in leadership, marketing, or human resource management, many PhD programs in Sports Management encourage students to specialize.

If you seek advanced knowledge and leadership expertise in the fields of sports management and athletic administration, a PhD in Sports Management may be a great fit.  Many programs integrate science-based academics with research and practical application. Students have the opportunity to learn the financial, legal, political and marketing aspects of an athletic environment, whether at the collegiate level, a professional sports team, or athletic organizations. Essentially, sports management PhD programs may potentially benefit anyone with an enthusiasm for sports and athletics combined with strong business and administrative capabilities. 

Why Pursue Your PhD in Sports Management Online?

Educational technology is rapidly expanding so that many accredited colleges and universities are offering distance-learning to students who live too far geographically or cannot afford to give up their work or family duties while pursuing their doctorate degree.  Online PhD Sports Management degree programs often allow students the freedom to study wherever they have a computer and Internet. With access to their courses via online portal, virtual libraries, and web chats to speak with faculty, many students find this a viable option to a traditional campus. Review online programs on GradSchools.com such as Doctor of Education degree with a specialization in Sports Management. Students can verify whether the business school that interests them is accredited.

Potential Online PhD in Sports Management Curriculum

The wide variety of online programs means that students should request information from each graduate school to verify the structure and courses of their PhD program in Sports Management. For instance, some programs may emphasize assessment and analysis of the current issues impacting sport leadership and management, e.g., social, sales and marketing, political, economic, legal, international, political, and technological.  They may also help build an understanding of the role of public relations, sales and promotion marketing to sports related enterprises.

Students might encounter topics such as, but not limited to :

  • Sports law
  • Sports organization finance
  • Sports management human resources
  • Sports marketing
  • Organizational behavior in sports
  • Sports Leadership

Potential Careers in Sports Management

High-level business education may provide students an edge over their competition. There are a variety of different potential career paths that graduates might wish to pursue; these would depend on what their particular area of expertise is. A few of these possibilities might include:

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Postsecondary Educator
  • Operations Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Coaching
  • Marketing Director
  • Public Relations Manager

Ready to Pursue an Online PhD in Sports Management?

If you have set the goal of working towards a doctorate degree but are busy gaining valuable work experience, why not try an online education? Start looking through your options on GradSchools.com today!

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