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Graduates can apply their enthusiasm for sports with a strong, top business education by enrolling in a PhD in Sports Management on campus Degree Program. Both the Doctor of Education –EdD, and the Doctor of Philosophy -PhD in Sports Management on Campus​ degree are considered the terminal degree in the field of sports management. Earning a sports administration or sports management PhD degree may provide you with the advanced knowledge and best skills in finance, marketing, law, and management as they pertain to sports teams or organizations.

Sports Management Doctorate Campus Degree Program Information - PhD in Sports Management on Campus

PhD in Sports Management on Campus Overview

A PhD in Sports Management may appeal to different types of students. Whether you have just finished your Masters degree in Sports Management or are a working professional seeking advancement in a current role, PhD programs in Sports Management are designed to cultivate the research, critical thinking, decision-making or teaching skills that ultimately may give you an edge over the competition for top management jobs in the sports industry.

Potential Advantages to a PhD in Sports Management on Campus Program

Studying at a graduate school gives students face-to-face interaction with classmates, faculty and advisors in a way that an online program cannot. Potential perks include access to all the services and facilities of your University. Whether you take advantage of the libraries, athletic facilities, watch the sports matches, or use the career counseling, you will, throughout be able to form new networks. can help you find the program that aligns with your interests. You might consider initiating a location search to determine which city, state or country has the type of doctorate degree you are looking for.

Choosing a Sports Management Doctorate Program: PhD or EdD degree?

Graduate students can choose from two key types of doctorate degrees in sports management:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Sports Management: A PhD in sports management tends to be research-focused and commonly originates in education or sports administration. Candidates may also focus their research in areas such as interscholastic athletics, sports marketing, sports leadership, sports medicine, risk management or the psychological and sociological aspects of sports. 
Doctor of Education (EdD) in Sports Management: The Doctor of Education in Sports Management typically offers two areas of specialization for graduates: sports medicine or Olympism. The latter is dedicated to studying the structure and issues originated by the Olympic Games and encourages the balanced development of the body, will and mind.

Ideally, if you choose an EdD program, the Sport Management Program Review Council (COSMA) should approve it. They are highly selective in approving sports management and medicine programs.

If you are choosing a Business School, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accredits degree programs in business administration and accounting at bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate levels.

Potential Career Paths For PhD Graduates

Achieving your PhD degree in sports management may initially seem daunting

because there are so many program possibilities to consider. Do you want to become a sports agent, a public relations liaison or a sports facilities manager? Is sports medicine, which offers career options such as athletic trainer, physical therapist or coach, your strong suit, or would you prefer to delve into sports law? Sports Psychology is also a potential career direction, as is academia. Here are a few job titles that you might explore:

  • Head Coach
  • General Manager
  • Event Marketing and Management
  • Financial Manager
  • Contract Negotiator

Ready To Pursue A PhD in Sport Management on Campus?

Working towards your goals requires the dedication and perseverance of an athlete. Entering the workforce requires a strong foundation in business, marketing and leadership. Why not explore a PhD program in Sports Mangement today!

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